One white light away from an IPF World Record

One white light away from an IPF World Record

Nov 23, 2012

So, the PANAM NAPF Bench Press Championships in Denver last weekend wasn’t a great competition for me, but it was also one of my best.  Strange, but true.  Let me explain.

Weighed in at 118.56k / 261.37lbs and competed in the 120k / 264lb weight class.

IPF World Bench Record for this weight class is 325k / 716lbs.

My attempts

1) 300k / 661lbs – 3 white lights.  Took my time with this weight.  I wanted to make sure that no matter what, I would make it flawless.  Control and precision were at the front of my thoughts, not aggression.

2) 312.5k / 689lbs – 1 white light.  This was for a competition PR.  I believe that they called me on a hitched lockout, but not sure.  It felt alright.  A weight that I have completed many times in training.  Didn’t matter…at this point I felt good enough to go for the world record on my last attempt.

3) 325.5k / 717lbs – 1 white light.  I was one white light from owning the world record!  I hope this isn’t the closest I’ll ever be to it.  I was as close as you could get.  I was given the white light by the head judge.  The reds came from the sides as my hips came off the bench.  It was still a fairly satisfying lift as this one was the easiest of the three presses to push out.  Kinda scary huh?  The good thing is that I know what I need to work on and experiment with and I’ll be ready to go for it again at the Arnold Classic!  Its gonna be mine.  Marcus Hirvonen was in attendance and congratulated me on a very close attempt.  I’ve always liked that guy.  Really nice and what is even cooler than that…he is the world record holder for my weight class.  Great competitor.  I was upset to hear that he tore his triceps at worlds last year.  This guy is arguably the best bench presser in the world.




So the competition had top-notch competitors.  I believe that 3 IPF world records in the bench press were broken.  Adam Mamola, Tim Anderson, and Jeff Snyder all broke world records in their respective divisions.  All guys are amazing pressers and good guys.  Can’t ask for better team mates than them.  Jona Leo DESTROYED a 350k / 771lb bench press.  He made it look so easy that I feel that with more consistent training, he’ll be pressing well into the 800’s before his time is up.  And he’s got a lot of time left.

My training partners Josh Hunt and Shaun Bales did well also.  Josh is becoming more consistent and went 3/3.  He will press 500 in a competition within a year.  Shaun hit his opener of 584 and missed his last two attempts.  He had to make a shirt change in the last weeks leading up to a bigger shirt.  However, he showed a ton of heart.  After completely missing his 2nd attempt, he nearly made his last attempt of 611.  Gave it a good effort.  Shaun has pressed 695 from around a 1 board in training, so I know for a fact that there is a lot more in his tank.

United States World Masters Bench Press Team Coach, Dana Rosenzweig came (on his own dime) to coach and help out.  Couldn’t ask for a better training partner.  Dana is very consistent and has been in this game for a really long time.  Unfortunately an injury kept him out of this competition, but I hope that for him, he still had a rewarding time.  I think he did.

Randy Earle (from Texas) came to help out Jeff Snyder and was very gracious and giving with his handoffs during everyones warmups.  Thank God for Randy.  He contributed to the many successes on the platform that day.  My hat is off to you Randy.

Calvin Jolley from 4Life came and took pictures and videos on the competition.  4Life is one of my sponsors and they also were one of the sponsors for the competition.  TEAM 4LIFE   It was good for me to come that close to a world record with Calvin in attendance.  They need to see that their products work very well and that they enable me to spend more time in the gym and recover much faster.  Calvin was also in town picking up the newest member of our team, Manny Ramirez of the Denver Broncos.  Very cool!

The night of the competition Josh, Dana, Jeff Snyder, Jamie Lynn, Ajay Thomas, and myself went to HandleBars to watch the UFC fight.  We had a blast.  Jeff proved that one could sustain life on nothing but Double Crown and Coke.  I enjoyed Fat Tire and Nitro Milk Stout.  I ordered their street tacos which were very tasty.  Afterwards, we went back to the hotel bar and hung out with other bench pressers.  It is always a good time.  Those moments after the competition spent with peers/friends are priceless.  We don’t get to hang out but a couple times a year, so we make it worthwhile.  We got kicked out of the bar, so we walked about 50 feet and sat in the lobby.  It was a late night.  3am…

Sunday, Josh and I were lucky to have Ajay Thomas take us around to enjoy many of the local flavors.  Sunday morning we ate at a local burrito joint.  Afterwards, we shot skeet at Colorado Clays.  That was a ton of fun.  We all sucked, but had a blasty.  Shooting shotguns at clay birds is a cool way to decompress.  After that we went to Denver and enjoyed some of these Vietnamese Sandwiches.  I think they are called Banh Mi.  They were easily the best sandwich I’ve ever ate for $3.50.  I flushed it down with a Vietnamese Coffee Boba.  A very strong cold coffee with tapioca balls.  I haven’t had a lunch that tasty for so cheap before.  A little later we went to a hotdog joint for a reindeer brat and a wild boar hotdog.  Both tasted amazing.  The signature of their dogs was caulking cream cheese onto the split dog.  Later that night we stuck with the vietnamese theme and ate PHO pronounced FA.  A delicious soup with ricelike noodles, raw steak slices, and a myriad of other goodies.  If I was ever sick, I’d want to eat Pho.  Best soup I’ve ever had.

Monday, we ate at the Cherry Cricket.  We opted for their burgers.  Basically, if they will make any edible food in their kitchen a topping if you ask.  I had white cheddar, cream cheese, bleu cheese, hot wing sauce, and bacon on mine.  Afterwards, we drove to Estes Park and enjoyed the scenic drive.  We visited the Stanley Hotel where the film The Shining was filmed.  That place was huge and in a beautiful setting.  We saw tons of wildlife and the mountains were unforgettable.

Colorado is a really active state.  They clearly do not have an obesity problem.  I felt fat there even though I am not.  Most people wore their mountain and hiking brands and looked like they all partake in outdoor adventures.  Very cool.  If you ever saw an open field or mountainside…their was likely a trail etched into it.  Trails were everywhere…as well as prairie dogs.

Monday night we ate at the historic Buckhorn Exchange.  Apparently the one of the oldest (if not the oldest) restaurant in Colorado.  We started off the dinner with Rattlesnake and Alligator Appetizers.  I ate the Elk Steak with 4 Peppercorn Crust, pub chips, and beer cheese soup.  That steak was one of the best I’ve ever had.  Elk tastes really good.  The night there ended with their homemade apple pie with cinnamon rum butter.  I just blew your mind, didn’t I?

Tuesday was the day we left.  However, if I ever had the opportunity to move to Denver, I probably would in a heart beat.  Nice people, plenty to do outdoors, good food, and beautiful countryside.  Can’t ask for much more than that!


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  1. Howard Penrose /

    Awesome attempts Brady! Sounds like a great meet!

  2. Congrats, Brady. Will see you at the Arnold!

  3. Randy Earle /

    It was a pleasure being able to be there and help the lifters prepare for the big show! Anytime we were ioin the same room, you know I will be there for you and your crew! All of you guys are a pleasure to assist and watch!

  4. Blaine Sumner /

    Looking forward to you getting that WR at the Arnold, Brady!

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