Openers for Czech

Openers for Czech

Sep 20, 2014

Well the training is done and I am happy with the overall outcome. My lower back feels like it did 3 years ago. My dead in the last 3 years has dropped at one point 65 pounds!!! I believe I had a pinched nerve in my lower spine. What changed this after 3 years? Training, no. Rest, no. Chiropractor, no. What was it? Methylpredisolone. I had poison ivy going into San Antonio bench nationals and once the meet was over I started my prescription (I would have failed the drug test if I had taken it before the meet) and 3 days later my discomfort was gone. I was hesitant in that deadlift workout but pulled a pr double (within the last 3 yrs) .I didn’t get too happy and the next workout I did 15 more pounds and had another pr. My final workout was my opener and it felt like it should have,light.

The last 3 workouts were all my openers.

My bench since I just did a meet had nothing to prove in the following 3 workouts but I felt it was laboring through them. I am content with my opener. BTW it never looks good in the gym and I do much better in the meet.

My squat was decent.


My leg movements are nothing to brag about but the sum is greater than the parts and that is what counts.

My goals are simple. White lights. I love World meets. I am comfortable and confident. There is no more pressure, no higher levels. Whatever I do is the end game.

I hope next article has the word “pr” in it.

Till next time….

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, IronAuthority, and RockTape



I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.


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