Openers for Worlds

Openers for Worlds

Sep 22, 2013

I just finished off my openers for Worlds next week September 27. I ran the gamut with deadlift, squat and bench finishing off the trifecta. Only thing that was different than normal training for a full meet was I missed 2 days rest between the bench opener and the bench workout before. This was due to the fact given the late notice of the invite to participate in the meet 36 days out so I had to improvise.

Video of all 3 openers:


                The deadlift is my worst movement. I have stated MANY times why it has gone down 45 pounds due to lower back strain after I bench. However I am still convinced it will go back up. My last dead was awful 9 days earlier. 515 for 2?!?!?! WTF?  I had issues mechanical, mental and gear. YET I was optimistic for my opener workout. Last 2 full meets I opened with 490ish(20-25 lbs lighter then 2 years ago opener). Projected opener this day was 495 for 1 but strong.
Three things I did differently :

  • get rid of the shirt underneath
  •  loosen the belt two notches. I have a double latch belt so I usually tighten it either 5 on top and 5 on bottom or 4 on top and 5 on bottom. Why different holes? My diaphragm gets an extra inch space. This day I went 3 holes on the top and bottom.
  • Move my grip out ¾ inch on each side.

( btw  I also feel better deadlifting with straps down instead of up .Having them up changes everything for me mechanically. )


405 3 reps

465 2 reps

OPENER 495 5 reps!!

Yes 5 reps .It was easy I felt like I used to. These adjustments immediately changed everything. Grip out helped keep my shoulders even or pulled back and NOT bowed forward. Looser belt made breathing was easy and getting into a good starting position quicker.

Meet opener 485-490.



                This workout went well and I left very pleased. After the deadlift workout I was mentally in great shape.

Here it is:

415 2 sets 2 reps (straps down, no wraps)

485 1 set 2 reps (straps down ,wraps)

525 1 rep (straps up, wraps)

555 1 rep “              “              “

Loved everything about it. Bar speed and depth.

Meet opener 556.


Who would have figured the lift I excel at would be the one to burn me and give me issues. Fatigue most likely the culprit. I wrote a separate article for this and what I did here:

The video of just the workout: Workout 1 Workout 2

The cliff notes version.

  • Squatted heavy night before
  • Did opener with 2 days less rest
  • Benched 2 days in a row.(reason why you see 2 different workouts)
  • Second bench workout lots of self inflicted hardship with handoffs .(Thanks      though Lori)

Meet opener 545-551


Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme, Oxygen Factor and RockTape.

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