Aug 7, 2013

When you have a near death experience, it changes you.  When that near death experience turns into something that could alter your life path, it changes you.  The aneurysm in my brain is a driving force of change.  During the ambulance ride, I contemplated the options: surgery, death, lifting restrictions.  It was a loooong hour full of frightening thoughts.

What if the aneurysm had burst instead of just causing a severe headache?  What if I hadn’t decided to go get it checked out and was still trying to lift on a non-treated injury?  What if they sent me home on strict restrictions (no weight lifting) until further investigation?  And even now, what if the aneurysm causes a blood clot which in turn breaks free and causes a stroke??  That is the new worry.  I guess the aneurysm is a type/in a place where the chance of bursting is slim to none, but the chance of causing a clot is much higher.  AND I”M A HEALTHY, 24 YEAR OLD WOMAN.  These things can happent to anyone.

I could be out of a sport I love.  I could be done with lifting forever.  I could be dead, or worse, a vegetable unable to communicate with my family or maybe not know who they are.  I’ve enjoyed just looking at my husband during the last week and a half because I still can.

Contemplate these things.  What if you’re gone tomorrow and your life cut short?  Do the people you love know that you love them?  Is there unfinished business you keep putting off because there is always tomorrow?  Is there something you want to try and don’t due to fear or the feeling of insignificance?  Do not put these things off!  It could be too late.  Tell the people around you that you love them every chance you get.  Do what you love.  Try new things, maybe even things that scare you alittle!  Take the time each day to see your worth.  Start today – whatever you may be starting – because tomorrow could be too late.  Be thankful: for your job – you have the ability to work, for the workout you did (or are going to do) today – you are able to move your body and sweat, for you family – because you have someone to love and that loves you back, for your time alone – to reflect or pray and get to know yourself better.  Be happy, be kind, be ALIVE.

Because honestly – life is too short to be anything else, and could be cut even shorter.


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