Pins and Needles #RoadToRecovery

Pins and Needles #RoadToRecovery

Jun 19, 2013


[Coach Joe Atef – demonstrating corrective action if I ever lift heavy without the team again]

Caution: do not read if you are squeamish – graphic pictures.

thumb ouch1

[Crushed Thumb and Fracture]

petellar tear1

[The patella does not belong there!]

Just over two weeks since the accident. The patellar tendon was woven and stitched as it burst within the tendon versus at the patella. The thumb was a crush injury.

The Friday following the accident the patellar tendon was repaired and Staples attached to the incision. They moved me to a multiply splint for the leg. I know – there is lots of controversy between single and multi-ply.


[Single vs Multi-ply]

Due to infection I was put in hospital for five days and let out two days before outpatient surgery on the left thumb. Because of severe trauma to the skin, pins were placed and capped on the exterior. This requires daily cleaning to ensure no additional infection sets in.


[Staples – yes, that is what is left of my shapely knee]

There are multiple challenges to recovery:

1) The additional pressure inputs on family and your support system. You are not the only one who is involved in the recovery. A strong support system is a requirement for a quick and successful recovery.

2) Eliminate negative thoughts and people. A positive environment is a must.

3) Keep busy in mind and body. While your body will require rest to recover, you must remain active and strong to recover.

4) You must maintain a positive attitude. You WILL return better and stronger than before.

One of the scarier processes for the serious thumb trauma has been the change in appearance as the damaged tissue dies and new tissue grows underneath. This is seen as daily dressing changes and pin cleaning is performed.

945523_10201364741064431_671885432_n 9346_10201364740304412_628460225_n

[Above: thumb before.  Below: One week later]

IMG_2572 IMG_2571 IMG_2570 IMG_2569

Physical therapy is required to maintain the capability of the injured hand. Therapy on the left leg will be required once the staples are removed this Friday.

In order to reduce stress on my support system, reduce the use of pain medications to only when it is necessary. I have to not take the medication for eight hours before I can drive, per doctors orders, to work and other places.


[Another Caution: bed sores!  Healed now]

This point the swelling in the left leg and foot has reduced significantly. Three more weeks before I can get back into the gym even to visit. Hopefully I am done with the walker this weekend, but that remains to be seen.


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