Pole-Dancing Ping-Pong at the Arnolds

Pole-Dancing Ping-Pong at the Arnolds

Feb 28, 2014


I have been working with Team Overkill to learn the multi-ply Overkill bench shirt.  Hopefully I will have it mostly broken in before the Illinois State Meet on March 15 and 16, 2014.  So far, I have come just thiiiiis close to touching.  The work will continue and you will be able to judge from the lifts that I post.  In the meantime, the real work is aimed at both the APF Masters near Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas at the end of May and the July 19, 2014, WPC/AWPC CanAm Bench Championships, referred to this year as the Global Bench Wars!

In the meantime, Team Overkill had a number of athletes competing at the Arnold Classics XPC Powerlifting Championships this year including: Matt Minuth, Joe Atef, Barzeen Vaziri and Cory Miceli.  Having meant to see the Arnolds since I was much younger, how could I pass up the chance.  So, we packed things up and drove the 6 hours from Illinois using several vehicles and several days.  As I am writing this, the team has come together following the first day of lifting in which Matt Minuth took second place in the XPC Professional (prize money).  Tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 1, 2014) Joe, Barzeen and Cory will be competing and it is looking to be exciting!


Above: Joe Atef (275), Howard Penrose (SHW), Barzeen Vaziri (SHW)

Following a rather interesting weigh-in experience in which Joe Atef just made it into 275’s and Barzeen was discovered wandering around starving and drooling bodybuilders eating double stuffed Oreo cookies, we found a restaurant and cleared out it’s kitchen before returning to the Arnold venue.

There are several issues with this.  The first being that there was an 8-block hike from the remote parking that felt like it was outside the city limits – we dropped off our lifter to reduce the amount of energy used prior to tomorrow.  I mean, why waste all the Oreo/pancake carb load?  The second being the huge crowds gathering for the event!


^^Outside the hall


^^Yellow shirt comment – “I’ve been stuck in this traffic jam for hours!”


^^ Howard Penrose (sporting IronAuthority shirt and wrist band), Barzeen Vaziri (Nubreed Nutrition sponsored athlete) and Sherwood Harris (Also Nubreed)


^^Barzeen Vaziri, Howard Penrose and Tiny Meeker (first 1100+ bencher)

OK, OK, I’ve built the suspense long enough.  We were entering the hallway after just discussing the interesting fact that female bodybuilding was left out and Ping-Pong and Pole Dancing had been included into the sports festival.  To our left, we noticed a pole dancer working a pole so headed over that way to discover that we missed the demonstration.  However, we were curious about the placement of the pole and Ping-Pong table.


Yes, crude jokes abounded.  But we did avoid a Ping-Pong ball on the ground as we could not see anyone near with a paddle.

So, I put the question to you: do you feel that female bodybuilding should have been replaced?  Why or why not?



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