Post Christmas Training

Post Christmas Training

Dec 28, 2012

Beth and I spent some time in Macomb, IL visiting family.  Had a great time, gained some weight, and celebrated.

Thursday evening (after a 4 hour drive).

Close Grip Bench
375 x2x5

Wide Grip
345 x10
375 x10

DB Military Presses
30s x15
45s x12
60s x2x10

I can’t say it was easy, but I did have a really long day.  What was strange was that about  hours after training, I had the sudden urge to throw up out of nowhere.  That hasn’t happened to me since grade school.  When we were in Macomb, one other family member felt this way also.  What a strange little bug?  I didn’t feel sick, dizzy, tired, or nauseous at all.  Overall, I feel pretty good.

Squats x2x10

Abs x3x20

Curls x3x20

Easy and out.  Been playing around with the podcast feature on my macbook and creating music, etc.  I don’t understand why iPad and Mac don’t share garageband tunes.  It shares everything else!  Oh well.  If it were easy, more people would be doing it I guess.


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