Post-competition light biznass.

Post-competition light biznass.

Mar 29, 2013

After coming off a strong performance last weekend, I decided to lay low training wise.  I have the IPF World BP Championships coming up relatively soon and want to be sure that I am close to 100% when I begin training for it in a couple of weeks.  So, I decided to train light today and I am glad I did.

CG Bench Press
375 x2x5 @7

WG Bench Press
375 x10 @7

Military Press / Curl Combo
30s x15

THAT IS ALL.  Going to recover 100% from this very quickly.

After last week’s performance, I’ve been getting a lot of really nice emails, messages, and texts from many people.  It is nice to know that people recognized my hard work leading up to the 711 bench press.  Even people that I didn’t know seemed to think it was incredible.  I’ve been getting more questions than anything though.  Like, how did you do it?  How did you train for it?  What was different than past training cycles?  ETC?

The big points that I think athletes can take from my performance.

1)  REST, I had taken a month off in NOV-DEC.  Then, I had surgery that took me out another 3 weeks in Jan-Feb.  Resumed training and actually got stronger from the rest.

2) Technical Perfection.  The more technical your lift, the more energy efficient you’ll become.  The more energy efficient you are, the easier it will be to recover.  Energy reserves will be in abundance.

3) I wanted it more than ever.  Nothing could have stood in my way.

4) I simplified my training plan to focus more on recovery than accumulating a lot of volume.  Shortened training sessions and focused on perfecting rep execution.

5) I mastered the bench press shirt.


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  1. It was very impressive. I do agree that rest is super important. I know for myself that I will be leaving the end of May for a 2 1/2 weeks trip to Europe and will not be training during that time. I plan is to continue to hit it really hard now, get that rest period in and then do contest prep for the last few weeks before Raw Nationals.

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