Post competition nothingness

Post competition nothingness

Nov 27, 2012

So I took a complete week off after the competition.  It feels great.  Yesterday’s training consisted of light RDLs, an work, and practicing a new bench press setup.  Thank God I am flexible.  Trying to setup with my feet more underneath my body and a bit wider.  It didn’t feel too foreign.  Not sure if I am going to go back to my OLY shoes or my thin soled Merrels.  Since a sponsorship with Merrel didn’t workout, I don’t have to worry about switching brands.


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  1. terry conard /

    what is the proper breathing on heavy loads?

  2. On singles I recommend that the lifter take a deep breath before handoff. As the weight is held at lockout exhale and take another deep breath. Bring the bar down holding it in. Upon the press, exhale.

    I personally only inhale when the bar is at lockout! Exhaling is ok when pressing out.

    Thanks for your question.

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