Post Meet Blues – No More Raw Meet!

Post Meet Blues – No More Raw Meet!

Nov 19, 2012

I am finishing putting together images and video from the WPC Worlds for a posting coming up this week, but it has also been a bit, so thought I would put in a short posting on changes following this meet.

Upon returning from Las Vegas (believe me, six days in Las Vegas is six days too long!), and suffering through few days of food poisoning during competition, my immune system must have been through the floor as I immediately had the flu. Laid out solid for the Monday and Tuesday after we returned! However, told my body that it had better wake up because my equipped training started Wednesday with briefed squats using a multi-ply viking brief. Kept weights very light and started to get used to getting low enough and learning how tight things should feel, including how tight to make my belt.

Thursday was off, and additional recovery, followed by equipped bench training on Friday. Light weights to 3 and 2 board lifts as part of a deload week – warm up raw to 295lbs for reps of 10, 8, 5 at 100lbs, 140lbs, 240lbs, 295lbs then 3 sets of 3 at 385lbs with bench shirt.

Saturday was time to learn how to apply the Viking Briefs in squats with raw squats through 300lbs then briefs applied for five sets of three at 325lbs working on learning depth.

No looking back! Have my Metal Squat Pro suit set to start fully equipped deadlift and squats soon!

On Sunday, continued de-load with a two mile brisk walk and completed program development for the next six weeks. Basic program:

Monday (Commercial gym) – Squat support training, featuring box squats with knee sleeves only, leg presses, ham, glute and hip work. Abs, of course, focus on volume and speed work.
Tuesday (Commercial gym) – Bench support training, featuring banded work, back, arms and shoulders.
Wednesday (with Team Stone) – Equipped deadlift training with team. No support training – just dead and go!
Friday (with Team Stone) – Equipped bench and arm and lat work. Start higher reps and boards working to touch and lower reps as weeks progress.
Saturday (with Team Stone) – Equipped squat and glute/ham work (weak spot). Drive depth and work from high reps to higher weight/low reps as weeks progress.

Adjustments depending on travel schedule.

Monday Workout – box squats: 2x135lbx8; 225×5; 3x315x5 then Good Mornings: 2x225x12 followed by leg presses of 600lbsx8; 900×8; 3x1150x12 finishing with glute/ham kickbacks on cable machine. Total time was 70 minutes followed by 20 minutes in sauna at 190F.


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  1. Hope you’re feeling better now, Howard. I’ve got a viral infection right now, as soon as I got to DC.

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