Post-Meet Depression, Getting Back on the Wagon (Kind Of), and Being Where I Am

Post-Meet Depression, Getting Back on the Wagon (Kind Of), and Being Where I Am

Aug 5, 2013

Last week was my first full week back to work and the gym.  Cue the post-meet depression.  It isn’t horrible but I always find myself feeling a little down and kind of ungrounded my first week back.  I’m still not back to trianing like I normally do and the next meet is too far away to be a real thing yet.  It seems I’m happiest training for a goal.  It doesn’t have to be a real full meet.  It can be a mock meet or even a 1RM test.  It just has to be something with a concrete date that I can set goals towards.  Basically, the first week back I end up with the last of the suck of trying to dig myself out at work from being gone and none of the woohoo! that comes with training hard and seeing progress.


Massage therapy and chiro appointments to help me get recovered from the meet.  My massage therapist pointed out that my hips were *not* even when I mentioned how tight and wonky they had been feeling and then proceded to try to fix that.  There were actual tears.  And some profanity.  And now there are bruises  But by the time she turned me over to the chiro, I felt looser than I had since before Nats.  A few adjustments by my chiro (both SI joints were out again (shocking) and my right one was stuck) and I was out the door.


The new programming is all done but since it looks like we’ll still have 15-16 weeks until Maryland States, we decided to take at least this week and possibly the next to ramp back into the heavier weights.  Yes, this also means that we’re pretty sure that’s the next meet I’ll be doing.  The goal for the day was to work up to a heavy 5, and then do 3 x 5 at 90% of that.  The heavy 5 wasn’t supposed to be anything serious and soul crushing but we expected it to be somewhere in the low 300s.  So I warmed up to 275lbs, did 2 reps and had my right hip completely freak out on me. I thought about finishing the set out of pure contrariness and then decided that this was the kind of stupidity that gets me in trouble and cut back to 225lbs and did my 3 x 5 there since that didn’t seem to bother it.  Much.

Finished up the day with 3 x 10 good mornings (95lbs and 115lbs x 2) and 3 sets of 10 then box step ups with no weight and max hold planks.  The step ups feel like they’re getting a little easier at least.  I hate planks under the best of circumstances so after all my craptacular squatting, I didn’t really have a lot of patience for them.


Bench followed pretty much the same plan as squats but went much better.  Worked up to 5 reps at 160lbs and then cut back to 145lbs and did 3 x 5.  I honestly felt like I could have gone a bit higher but since I had to use the wide bench because the Crossfit class was benching (I know, who knew crossfitters benched?), I wasn’t really able to keep my arch and kept sliding backwards so I decided not to push it.

Next was 4 x 6 press.  We didn’t have a particular weight in mind when we started.  Just something lower than where I’m starting back next week but they felt good so I went ahead and did the set at 90lbs.  I’m looking forward to breaking 100lbs for sets in the next couple of weeks.

METCON:  3 rounds of 5 push-ups, 20 tricep pushdowns and 15 glute ham sit-ups.


Friday and Saturday morning where probably the first two mornings since I’ve been back that my hips have felt pretty good when I woke up in the morning.  They felt great on Friday and I think it might have had something to do with the stretch they got while I was benching.

Saturday was more ramping up.  The plan for the day was to work up to 2 reps at 80% of my 1RM.  Something about all these percentages…..  I don’t get too wrapped up in getting them down to the pound.  Mostly because I’m too lazy to go find all the fractional plates I would need to load the bar.  So I warmed up with 5’s until I got to 225lbs and then went 275 x 3, 315 x 2, and 330 x 2.  Everything felt good and the pinky only bothered me a little bit.

This was also my first day back to front squatting in about 2 weeks.  I was a little nervous about them considering how Tuesday went but since they’re much lighter than my back squat, I told myself it would be fine.  So 6 sets of 3 at 170lbs and 1 set of 3+.  These actually felt really good (or as good as front squats ever feel) and I got 6 reps on my plus set.


METCOM:  3 rounds of 8 chin-ups, 15 Dumbbell Rows (per arm, duh) and 20 situps.  The chin-ups are kind of a joke but they’re definitley something I should be working on.


Yeah….. It’s like that….


Yoga and riding the new bike.  It’s always interesting the places you get learn things you should already know.  We’re working on head stands and I’m watching everyone else get there with pretty minimal effort but I’m not doing so well.  I’ll spare you the technical steps for getting into a yoga headstand but the basics of it is that you don’t kick up into it.  So as I’m trying for like the 5th time and falling out of it again because I keep trying to pull my feet up too soon, my teacher says:

“You need to be where you are and work that first before you start worrying about what comes next.”

“………….”  And that pretty much sums up my problem with everything in my training.  I want all the weight and all the good technique now so that I’m ready for a meet that is months (and maybe even a year) away.  This is something I’m going to have to learn to let go of.

Biking should have been fun.  We were going to try to go a little farther than last week to build a little endurance and just help me get more confident on the bike.  My loving husband neglected to mention all the hills on the loop we’d chosen.  This would have been fine…….  if I hadn’t front squatted the day before.  By about the 4 mile mark, I had descended into a private hell where you’re punished by the burning of your quads.  Mercifully, the turn around was only about another 1/4 mile and going back meant going downhill most of the way.

One day, I'll take a picture while I'm riding.  Maybe.

One day, I’ll take a picture while I’m riding. Maybe.

For those of you following along at home, you may be thinking “hey, what about the walking and the conditioning on Wednesdays?”  Yeah………  It’s going to take a while to build those habits.  We’ll work on it.



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