Post Meet Recuperation

Post Meet Recuperation

May 14, 2013

Part 2 of the meet wrap-up will be published next week as I have over 178 video clips of raw lifters and crossfit to finish editing and reviewing.

The first week returning from the 2013 AAPF Nationals involved light deadlifts on Wednesday, raw bench press on Friday, and brief only light squats all for volume.  Starting into the following week, due to business and personal travel (my oldest graduates Chemistry from UCONN this weekend), I planned for a heavy volume Monday and Tuesday this week.

Some friends did record my lifts below.  This was my first full equipped meet (all 9 attempts):

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

The Monday volume training session was at Xsport and focused on assisted bench (Super Ram) for 5×5 at 320lbs plus warm-ups.  Dumbbell pull-overs to work lats and shoulders, cable rows (sets of 20), pulldowns (sets of 20), dumbbell presses, side and front shoulder raises, dumbbell triceps, tricep pulldowns, and cable crunches.

On Tuesday the focus was on volume squat using briefs and wraps at 495lbs speed work (strong bands 10 sets of 2 with less than 2 minute rest), deadlifts to 495lbs for double starting at 225lbs for 8, 315lbs for 6, 405 lbs for 4 as warm-ups.  I had grip issues with the deadlifts due to my still-sprained thumb (ouch! – actually, ouch on bench day, just grip problems with deads).

The leg press/hack squat machine I ordered for Team Stone arrived last week.  Made for a great addition as I need the hack squat.  The one selected has a light enough sled for the kids that are part of the Raise the Bar program and other fitness programs while allowing us to put a little weight on it.  Basically, runs from 75 lbs to over 1100 lbs.  If I need to go heavier, the Xsport has both machines that can handle a little more weight.


[Weekend over – unable to remember my darned password!]

Spent Friday and Saturday with my younger son, Matt Penrose, lifting at the local gym in Old Saybrook, CT.  On the first day concentrated on volume bench and back on a narrow bench with a bar that was too narrow.  Kind of nostalgic.  The following day performed squats and deadlifts for volume using loose briefs.  I wore myself down deliberately as Saturday would be my last opportunity to hit a good gym until the following Friday.  This will allow for a good recovery including giving my sprained thumb a chance to heal (I can finally use it when I type!).

Sunday was my older son’s graduation and it went extremely smooth.  Nick Penrose now has his BS in Chemistry and his fiancé Christa, completed her Masters in Education (graduated) the day before.  Well run ceremony at UCONN!



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