Power-Jam! Team Stone, Team Overkill, Team Frantz

Power-Jam!  Team Stone, Team Overkill, Team Frantz

Oct 7, 2014


^^Legend Jose Garcia being watched by Ernie Frantz (far left) at 1025lbs light

What do you do to make things a little more exciting on your squat day?  You get three top teams together for a Power Jam Squat Day!

We met at 2XL Powerlifting (http://2xlpowerlifting.com) for a squat day and opportunity to play with a front-opening EliteFTS squat rack and an original Frantz bar (greater flex than our usual heavy bar).  The mix of lifters was outstanding and we, of course, caught a few of the lifts.  Most of the lifters are preparing for WPC Worlds while Corey Miceli was training for Relentless Detroit.

In attendance:

  • Alex Vallejo – Team Stone
  • Justin Sepe – Team Stone
  • Tony Chirico – Team Frantz
  • Calvin Seith – Team Stone (last week of lifting before surrendering his freedom in marriage)
  • Matt Minuth – Team Overkill
  • Jose Garcia – Team Overkill
  • Eric Stone – Team Stone
  • Jackie Stone – Team Stone
  • Lupe Cardona – Team Overkill
  • Corey Miceli – Team Frantz

Coached by: Ernie Frantz

Support: Howard Penrose (Stone), Rachel Zipsie (Overkill), Ken Stone (Stone), Joe Atef (Stone), Michael Terzo (Overkill) and several others.

Weights soared over 600lbs during warm-ups and hit the 900s and 1000s as the day ended.  6 weeks out!

Instead of writing about everything, here are the videos:

^^Alex Vallejo

^^Calvin Seith

^^Corey Miceli

^^Eric Stone

^^Jose Garcia

^^Justin Sepe


^^Matt Minuth

^^Tony Chirico



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