Powerlifting Withdrawals Suck #RoadToRecovery

Powerlifting Withdrawals Suck #RoadToRecovery

Jun 30, 2013

Progress is being made. I was finally able to take a shower in my own [darn it], but the walk-in shower now looks like I’m doing reverse band… Well… Everything! Discovered some great suction cup handles and special watertight plastic sleeves to go over my arm. I’m actually supposed to be washing the wound on the leg, so that is not an issue. But, apparently, if you are a massive creature like myself, you can’t buy the watertight sleeves for the legs that are big enough. Sheesh!

By the way, powerlifting withdrawals suck!

My present training still relates to making sure I have good wrist and finger movement in the damaged hand. While the stitches came out this week and the damaged skin is flaking off [yeah, picture that] it doesn’t look as bad as it did less than four weeks ago.

I’m still stumbling around a bit with the leg and either using the walker or one crutch on the opposite side to take the weight off the injured leg. I am allowed to put weight on it so long as it is straight. Leg training on that side is basically letting gravity bend the leg and then using the other leg to bring it horizontal again. On July 19 I finally start resistance training with the leg.

My home care helpers will leave me for about four weeks next weekend. Luckily the pins come out exactly one month in a day from the accident. I should have more use of the hand with less risk of exposure and only one more week of “pinhole care” after that in another week and a half before the bone is considered “healed.”

I gave in and got my disabled sticker for the truck – especially as I finally had to get errands done on Saturday. It’s not so much the walk across the parking lots as much as it is needing to have the door fully open to get the splinted leg in the truck. No matter how far away I would park, there would always be someone who felt the need to park as close to the driver’s side as possible even if there wasn’t another car for 10 spaces around.

It did open my eyes to a few things. For one, I had a hard time finding disabled spots and waited a couple of times only to watch some young or middle-aged fit guys jog out of the store, leap into the car, and drive away. I’m serious, I only saw small handful of disabled actually being able to use the spots. I saw a number of instances where elderly people in Walker’s would have to park away from restaurant, for instance, while a family a very fit people got out of their car with handicap plates in one of the few handicap spots to go in.

I suppose I am only now sensitized to this, and, to be quite blunt, it disgusts me. Here it is, I am half embarrassed to be using my tag and fully able-bodied folks have no issue whatsoever harming their fellow human beings who truly need the spots.

But then again, it probably comes with their Planet Fitness memberships. [Pat on the back…]

In other news, Joe Atef took Best Lifter at the California The Fit Expo USPA National Invitational meet with a 2257 pound total and a PR in squat and bench. This puts Joe into the Arnold’s next March. They had some initial issues with the live broadcast and I was running around doing a few errands, as well as enjoying my first day outside since the accident, so only caught the dead lift. Some impressive lifting, overall, but glad to see drug-free lifter, and my coach, kick ass. I am hoping to have video and/or pictures soon!

Lifting this week: apparently, some really good dream benching as I woke up going through the motions. Looking forward to being allowed to even visit the gym within the next two weeks. Aargh! Patience is not one of my strong points.


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