Pre-competition RAW Bench PR’s

Pre-competition RAW Bench PR’s

Mar 14, 2013

Wow, today went surprisingly well.  Usually I don’t feel this strong this close to a meet.  Things are looking really good at this point.  My raw bench pressing strength is WAY up.  I just hope it translates into a big equipped bench press.

Since this was my last real heavy raw training session before the March 23 USAPL MO State / Ozarks, so I decided to push it a little…within reason.  Don’t want to miss any reps, wanted to end the training cycle on a positive note and I did.

Close Grip Bench Press
390 x3 @7
440 x5 @8, very easy…surprisingly easy.  I think next training cycle will push this up to 450-460 x5.  God willing.

Wide Grip Bench Press
375 x4 @6.5
415 x10 @10, wanted a 9RPE, but that didn’t happen.  I lost some tightness on that last rep.  However, this is a 10 rep PR for me!

Standing DB Military Press
75s x4x12…  These are getting much better also!  Not a PR, but I think that I’ll be able to push these a little harder in the next training cycle.  Possibly going up to 85s.

Getting really amped for this competition.  I’ve never felt stronger out of the shirt, so I think it will be a positive competition for me.

Next week, I’ll post training, but it won’t be anything special.  Simply designed for keeping me fluid and tapered for the competition


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  1. Looks good and strong bro, keep it up!

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