Preparing for Rise of the Deadlift Beast of the Bench Press

Preparing for Rise of the Deadlift Beast of the Bench Press

Sep 9, 2013

After a success at AWPC Worlds competing raw during equipped day, I am preparing to compete on October 19, 2013, in the Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress local meet in order to put some numbers up in benchpress only.  I am working both my old ‘loose’ Viking bench shirt and my Overkill two-ply in order to put some real numbers up.  The decision was made yesterday.

First day of training was Friday with a 410 single 2-board with the loose Viking.  This was easy – went up quickly – which was my first day in a bench shirt since June 4.

Friday: Bench – 140×5, 190×4, 230×3, 280×2, 320×2 – bench shirt 385×2 3bd, 420×1  2bd

Set of 0bd, 1bd,, 2bd, 3bd, 4bd at 230lbs 5reps per board non-stop.

Face pulls – 2x120x20

Triceps – 2x130x20

Crunches w/ bands – 40reps

Monday: Reverse band bench – work CNS: bench 135×6, 225×5, 275×3, 315×2, reverse band 405×3, 455×2, 495×1, 545×1

Pulldown bench to work keeping bench lower on belly – monster bands behind head at 45 degrees – 135×20

Red band back work 3 sets of 20, shoulder raises 2x25x12, cable rows – wide 2x120x20, triceps pulldown 2x120x20, crunch machine 4×25 straight and 4×10 per side at 100lbs.



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