Product Review: Bench Blokz

Product Review: Bench Blokz

May 15, 2014

Bench Blokz Review
By: Brady Stewart

Steven Ferrell of was kind enough to send us their patent pending training tool ‘Bench Blokz’ for a review. Steve sent us the 2,3,4,5 board blokz and the 1 board blokz.

Approximate Dimensions:
1 Board Blokz – 7.25×5.75×3 inches
2,3,4,5 Board Blokz – 8.75×5.75×4 inches

Bench BLOKZ white out JPG

Bench Blokz are made of a highly durable compound only known by its originator, Steven Ferrell. They were designed with the training athlete in mind to be able to safely perform ‘Board Presses’ while bench pressing. For those of you that don’t know what a board press is, it is a way to limit the shoulder rotation of a bench press, bringing the bar to a point where it is stopped by the board, then pressed out. These wooden sets of boards are usually held by another training partner on top of the chest and/or upper abdomen. Athletes use board presses for a range of reasons included but not limited to rehabbing injury, training lockout, overloading the nervous system, strengthening sticking points, etc. The applications are quite vast. See below for a visual.



Upon opening the package, we couldn’t help but quickly notice the rigidity and durability of these products. They seemed very indestructible. So we immediately put them to the test. We loaded the bar up to 315lbs and directly sat the Blokz on the bench so they could take the full force of the loaded bar directly. ( has tested them up to 804lbs!) The Blokz of both sizes retained its durable shape without changing or compressing. This is a very successful test that left us excited to try them out ourselves.

The stiff and rigid nature of the Blokz became even more apparent when we attached it to the bar. The first time we attached them we were in awe of how much they became part of the bar itself. They didn’t move on our Quest Q-Bar. In fact we had to rotate the bar on the rack just to get them in the right place before giving handoffs.

Since I’ve been out of serious training due to labrum surgery, I invited over Logan Hunt (2013 IPF Junior World Bench Press Champion). He trained with the boards and handled up to 475lbs and did some reps with some lighter weights. I admittedly was skeptical about the Blokz moving on the bar before we tried them. However, they proved my skepticism wrong. We were astounded by the fact that the Blokz remained intact throughout every set we had them on the bar.

“They work really well for me when out on the road working. They help a lot when training in a strange gym with no help.” – Jeff Snyder, Norse Demi-God in Human Flesh, NAPF/IPF Bench Press Champion, 3x Masters National Champion, and former IPF Masters World Record Holder

But why do powerlifters, weightlifters, athletes, and trainees need Bench Blokz? If an athlete frequently utilizes heavy wooden boards for their bench press training, loves exercise and movement variation, is recovering from a chest or shoulder injury, or would like to simply overload their system with heavier weights, Bench Blokz are the perfect tool to add to your training bag. They are even small enough to put in your training bag without adding much weight at all. Bench Blokz are a light weight, affordable, and easily portable unit every lifter should have in their training kit.

“Bench Blokz was a tremendous help to my lockout training. It is a perfect way to go heavy without the worry of bad, uneven (wooden) boards. Definitely something I’d recommend to any heavy bencher.” – Logan Hunt, IPF Junior World Bench Press Champion

Powerlifters have been using board presses for several years and have become a mainstay in their training programs. Before Bench Blokz, an extra person was required to hold the board in place. Wooden boards always require a handler. This makes it tough if you do not have enough partners to safely aid in spotting. This can take a spotter from you and is a risk to your personal safety. With the utilization of Bench Blokz, you free up a spotter, allowing you to potentially work heavier, add safety to training your presses, and prevent board holder mistakes. If you’ve ever trained with wooden boards extensively, we all know about board holder error. (ie: wrong board height, holding the board off to one side creating an imbalance, pulling out boards at the wrong rep, etc.) With Bench Blokz it is a near guarantee that you will not have these errors occur. YOU are the one attaching the Blokz, no one can pull the Blokz off mid set, and the Blokz are perfectly centered every time. These are things that are priceless to board training and safety.

“It has always been hard finding a good training partner and lift off guy, let alone people who know how to hold (wooden) boards. With Bench Blokz I no longer have that problem. I also can carry 4 different board sizes in my gym bag without feeling like I had a workout just getting to the gym” – Tom Murray, 500+ Raw Bench Presser (USA Powerlifting)

While traveling abroad I specifically remember TSA agents checking my carry-on bag and asking lots of interesting questions about my compact set of wooden boards. Explaining what they were, where I was going, and why I needed them was difficult for them to comprehend. If I had Bench Blokz at the time, my time in the TSA security check lines would have been much shorter and my carry-on bag a lot less heavy.  

“I use Bench Blokz regularly for raw and equipped bench pressing. They really are an exceptional tool for building a big bench.” – Preston Turner, IPF Bench Press World Record Holder

As stated before, I am recovering from Shoulder Labrum surgery. The surgeon and physical therapist both told me that I’d have to train more with less shoulder rotation, so training with the Blokz will help me maintain my bench press strength and add a level of safety and potentially prevent more injury to my shoulders. My rehab potential is looking good at the moment. I personally plan on using them forever, unless Steve Ferrell creates something new and magical that is better.

You can purchase Bench Blokz at

Steve also sells Proloc Collars, Chain Collars, and Proloc Blockers 

Brady Stewart Bench PressBrady Stewart has been a competitive powerlifter and bench press specialist since 2001. While he has had much success in full raw powerlifting as a former OPEN American USA Powerlifting Squat, Bench, and Total Record Holder (242lbs), surprisingly, Brady’s forte is single-ply IPF bench pressing. Brady has been a member of 3 USA World Bench Press Teams (IPF), a USA World Bench Press Team Gold Medalist (IPF 2009), and the 2013 USA Bench Press National Champion (264lbs). Brady’s best press to date is 322.5kgs (710.9lbs) making him the strongest and highest rated bench presser in the history of USA Powerlifting in Illinois and the second lightest man to bench press over 700lbs in USA Powerlifting. Brady is the owner of, dedicated to promoting drug free strength athletics.


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