Pulling Fighter Jets

Pulling Fighter Jets

Aug 21, 2012

Pulling Fighter Jets
Howard W Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP

As I am writing this we are traveling to Croatia and Serbia on vacation. Part of the mission is to find a decent gym in the areas I will be visiting including Belgrade, Gospic, and Umag. Another part is to visit the Tesla museum as Nikola Tesla is one of the fathers of my chosen profession.

While I am waiting to see how training for the next few weeks will turn out I will discuss a gym I visited just off the Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia a few months back. With this trip coming up, I also took advantage of the two-three day travel break to get where we’re going to see what my present equipped bench max is during Team Stone’s Friday evening bench training.

This is the second time in a bench shirt for me – it is a jacked up multi-ply viking shirt – so we started with the following using a brand new Bulldog bench bar (50lb): 100lbx8; 140lbx5; 190lbx5; 230lbx3; 280lbx2; 320lbx1. With Shirt: 405lbx3 w/3-board; 2x455lbx1 w/2-board; 425lbx1 touch; and hold 500b for a very, very long 5 seconds. The shirted lifts were ugly, but we recorded them anyways:

I am planning to do my first equipped meet on October 20th, 2012, about three weeks out from the WPC World Championships as bench only during the Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Bench to be held in Northbrook, Illinois at Progressive Sports Performance.

In mid-June, 2012, I took a detour during a Vibration Institute Annual Meeting (engineering and maintenance) and visited Brute Strength Gym in Norfolk, Virginia, located at 836 Poplar Hall Drive, Norfolk, VA.

Different angle

This was a cool gym near the Norfolk Naval Base where I served on an aircraft carrier in the late 1980s. The gym is well equipped and open seven days per week. While there for a 2-1/2 hour squat/deadlift speed day I met with the general manager, Stella Krupinski, and several of the powerlifters. Plenty of weight, plenty of machines and equipment, even for (shudder) crossfit, of which there were several there training.

During the visit I was able to observe training for the upcoming strongman (and woman) contest and, yes, they have pulled fighter jets in the past! The following picture is of the general manager, Stella Krupinski, preparing to pull a fighter jet.


Stella Krupinski is the State of Virginia Chair of the SPF (Southern Powerlifting Federation) and many of their state meets are held at this gym.

One thing that stood out was that the heavy lifters offered advice to a few novices that seemed to be struggling. Of course there was the usual Navy banter I miss, kind of like the scar comparisons in the movie Jaws, we compared records. I will note that two of the Navy (carrier sailors, of course) lifters were pushing weights on the bench that I normally see from equipped lifters! Go Navy!

And a special valet service!

Brute Valet Parking

And, yes, I got a t-shirt!

4/5-stars hours, 4/5 stars equipment, 5/5 atmosphere, and 4/5 price – but gotta also throw in a 5/5 for coolness with the fighter jet pulling!


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  1. Looking good Howard! As always, very entertaining post!

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