Pulling for Charity

Pulling for Charity

Oct 27, 2012

OK, breaking more rules from before a World Championship (1.5 weeks out). Last weekend a meet and this morning a truck pull (with squat training tonight). And, yes, I am suffering for it – twinged my right leg a bit. We’ll see if it has an impact. But worth it – last weekend was for the Autism Society of Illinois and this weekend was a fundraiser for McDonald House.


Before the Festivities

Joe Atef (Left) and I (Right)

Joe Atef, my site coach for WPC Worlds, and I met to discuss our plans for Vegas then went over to the charity pull. We got there early and met with Barzeen Vaziri and his wife Kristin who were doing the ‘Rent a Strongman’ (or whatever it was called) which allowed each team of pullers to rent them for $20/pull with the funds going to charity.


Strongman – Barzeen Vaziri ready for what would be over 30 pulls plus another 10 by his wife Kristin

This was actually a team pull with a 30,000 lb dump truck, 40,000+ lb fire truck and 88,000lb semi with full trailer. There were a number of teams with 10-15 each and a variety of experience and capability. Each vehicle was pulled twice by each team. By the luck of the draw, we had several times of extended rest followed by the end where we had to pull the semi twice in a row!


Our Team for the Day –“ Bricks and Mortar”

A lot of kids got to play with a smaller vehicle (photo op. Pull) as well as kids toys, food, and other games to entertain. As the first attempt at this event was rained out and it was about 37F outside, but sunny, the crowd wasn’t what it should have been. But fun for the participants as well as the kids standing on the side dancing and cheering on each and every team!!


Pulling the Dump Truck with Barzeen Vaziri closest to the truck (another team)

As a last minute participant, I don’t have all the details on how much was raised and who made up the teams, but I will say that they announced something like over $24,000 amongst six teams of 10-15 each. Overall a resounding success and a heck of a lot of fun!

Volunteered to be one of the ‘strong men’ for next year!

Programming: back to raw lifts to opener for bench on Friday and tonight, after pulling, will be working squats to opener working on depth and hip mobility. After today, one more squat, one more deadlift, and two more bench days before WPC Worlds!

Pictures of Our Fire Truck Pull (second pull) follow:




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