Pyramid Training Method Part 2 – Training

Pyramid Training Method Part 2 – Training

Dec 3, 2013

Welcome to part 2 of my Pyramid Training Method. In this section we will take a deeper look into training and how to progress your training to reach your goals.

As a recap from part 1, the main focus of PTM is realizing your goals, understanding your weakness, and determining the steps necessary to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. You will be able to learn from these posts the ideas behind PTM and how you can apply them to all aspects of your training.

So lets take a look at how to set up PTM regarding your overall training. As stated in part 1 I broke down my squat training pyramid. I determined my overall goal was to increase my total squat. I know my hips and getting out of the hole are a weak area for me. Because I have realized where my weakness are in the squat I know I have to overload the movement with reverse band squats, build hip strength with squat stance sumo dead lifts, increase my overall power with leg pressing, and keep my core stable by working my abs. I have done the same for both my bench and dead lift; I have analysed my weakness and determined what I would need to do to improve overall.

Now look at training as a whole. I know that I need to pyramid up my training over the weeks until I am able to peak at my next competition. I do so by incorporating both volume and intensity into my training cycle. Looking at my current cycle leading up to the Arnold in March, I progress my volume training into intensity so I am able to peak at the meet. You must build your strength in the gym so you can perform on the platform. But how do you implement PTM into your cycle selection. As with a solid pyramid you must have a strong base. My base comes from doing volume and a lot of it. It is my time to build my overall strength and put the greatest stress on my body. I am doing 8 weeks of volume followed by 2 weeks of intensity to see how I have progressed and finished with 2 weeks of contest prep. Within my volume cycle I will pyramid up my training both between the weeks and after the first 4 weeks. I start my training doing all of my main exercises with a rep set of 5@9. After 4 weeks I will drop it down to reps of 4@9. This will allow me to increase my workload but still keeping my volume high. Also to increase volume every other week during the total volume cycle I will alternate Fatigue Percentages. On my FP weeks I will also do a deload day for squat, bench, and dead lift to help with recovery.

I will continue with my pyramid going into my intensity cycle. I will start with reps of 2@9 for the first week and finished with 1@9. These two weeks will be my first look at how my volume cycle has helped me progress. Yet I will not max out. I will not leave everything at the gym. I will hold back and keep reserve so I can leave it all on the Arnold stage.

The top of my pyramid will be finished out with 2 weeks of contest prep. Here I will make sure my movements are precise and to the point. I will make sure of my opening numbers for my contest day. I will also do a couple deload days to help with overall recovery and to keep the movements fresh going into the contest.


Stay tuned for part 3 to come discussing recovery and nutrition.

As always please comment with any questions.

IA All Day!




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