Raw Bench Re-Intro

Raw Bench Re-Intro

Apr 5, 2013

Starting back up the raw benching.  Was approached by Rob Schmidt of USA Powerlifting Alaska to compete as a guest in October.  Possibly with a vendor booth for Iron Authority.  Sounds like fun, but I am not sure when my bro is getting married.  He mentioned October.  Also, may be doing the NAPF BP Championships in Nov.  If that happens, I’ll likely not compete in Alaska.

Close Grip Raw Bench
410 x5 @7, going to hopefully push this up to 450 or so in the next few weeks.

Wide Grip Raw Bench
405 x10 @8-9, going to hopefully push this up to 420-425 in the next few weeks.

Military Press with Dumbells
65s x12
75s x12
75s x12
65s x12

Rotators x2x30

Discussed some business stuff with Josh.


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  1. Rob is a really cool guy. It would be cool to get Some IA out there.

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