Raw Benching – Taking it easy

Raw Benching – Taking it easy

Jul 17, 2013

Did my raw bench training session yesterday and it went alright.

The left shoulder feels much better but the right one is still giving me some fits.

Close Grip Bench Press
385 x3 @7
420 x5 @7.5-8

Wide Grip Bench Press
345 x4 @7
395 x10 @8

Military Presses (bothered my shoulders last week so I went lighter)
25lb kettlebells x4x15-20

Close Grip Bench
225 x10

Front Raises
10s x25
15s x20
20s x15
25s x10

Side Raises
10s x25
15s x20
20s x15
25s x10

Mobility and Grip

Josh came over and we recorded our lifter intros.  We had a great time.  Here is the one for me and Jeff Snyder…

Brady Stewart BP Nationals Video…

Jeff Snyder BP Nationals Lifter Intro


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