Raw National Goals

Raw National Goals

May 24, 2013

Lately these have been on my mind more then ever. I continue to ask myself what I am looking to accomplish at Raw Nationals. My first is just being able to compete this year, which will be my first national level competition. I want to be prepare to leave everything on the platform that day. But I am nervous because I leave for a long vacation and will only have 3-4 weeks of competition prep when I get back home. Honestly I do not want to be embarrassed at the national level. I want to be viewed as an up and coming lifter.

But what goals does these leave me with? Ultimately I want to place top 5. Not only would that be a great accomplishment for me but I feel it would prove what I am doing is working and the hard work I have put in has paid off.

I want to go 9 for 9. I want a competition PR in all of my lifts as well as  total PR. I want to total closer to 1,600. I want to prove that I am here to stay.

I do not want to bomb out. I do not want to miss lifts again on a technicality. I do not want to leave that platform knowing I did not give it my all. I will not let these happen. I will overcome, I will strive.

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