Recovery by lifting heavy things..

Recovery by lifting heavy things..

Dec 21, 2013

So – Friday was my angiogram.  This meant that I had to take 72 hours off of lifting.  So my lifting week started on Tuesday and went through Saturday.  Only 5 days, but for not being 100%, it felt pretty good!

Tuesday: Chest and Back.  I got this workout from Erin Stern who has been Ms. Figure Olympia!  And the workout proved to be awesome.  Started with Plyo Push Ups: 3×8.  Incline Alternating DB Press: 3×8 at 15lbs; Incline Reverse Grip DB Row: 3×8 at 15lbs.  Stability Push Ups (hands on dumbbells!): 3×10; DB Pullover: 1×10 at 20lbs, 2×10 at 25lbs.  Incline Flye: 3×10 at 15lbs; One Arm DB Row: 3×10 at 20lbs.   T-Bar Row: 1×10 at 45lbs, 2×10 at 55lbs; Decline Push Ups: 3×10.  It was a pretty simple and straight forward workout, but it was a doozy – which I found out the next day when I was SUPER sore!  It had a lot of different things paired up than I normally do, so the change was nice.

Wednesday: Bis and Tris.  Forehead Curls: 4×15 at 18lbs.  Incline DB Curls: 4×13 at 15lbs.  EZ Bar Preacher Curls: 3×15 at 18lbs.  Reverse Grip Standing Curls: 3×15 at 5lbs.  Bench Dips: 3×30.  Overhead Cable Extension: 1×20 at 15lbs, 1×20 with 15 at 17.5lbs and 5 at 15lbs, 1×20 at 15lbs. (I tried to go up and it didn’t work out – so back down I went!)  Double Arm Kickback: 3×15 a5 5lbs.  This was a Muscle Pharm workout and I wasn’t all that impressed.  I hardly felt like I worked anything and wasn’t sore at all. (I know soreness doesn’t mean anything really – but it helps me feel like something worked hard!)

IMG_20131219_083741_193 Here I am before the BRUTAL leg workout below.  I had no idea what was coming my way.  Having the mostly empty gym was nice!

Thursday: Legs.  Squats: 4×5 at 95lbs, 6×5 at 105lbs.  Sumo Deadlifts: 5×5 at 75lbs.  Walking Lunges: 6xas many reps as possible in 2 minutes; Hamstring Curls: 6×8 at 50lbs.  Standing Calf Raises: 3×12 at 45lbs; Seated Calf Raises: 3×12 at 90lbs.  Low Back Extensions: 3×20 at 70lbs; Leg Lifts: 3×15; Ab Wheels: 3×10.  This workout was also Muscle Pharm and it proved to be much better than the bis and tris.  Holy moly.  I did this workout at 8 a.m. that morning and was sore by 6 p.m. that night.  It’s now Saturday – and I’m STILL sore.  I think it was all those walking lunges that did me in.  I ended up doing 362 lunges total.. ouch..  Did I mention it burned 458 calories too?

Friday: Shoulders. Military Press: 1×8 at 15lbs, 1×8 at 20lbs, 4×8 at 25lbs; One Arm Lying Lateral Raises: 2×8 at 10lbs, 4×8 at 8lbs; One Arm Standing Lateral Raises: 6×8 at 8lbs.  Straight Bar Pushdowns: 2×12 at 25lbs, 2×12 at 22.5lbs.  One Arm Cable Lateral Raises: 1×6 at 7.5lbs, 1×5 at 7.5lbs, 1×4 at 7.5lbs; Cable Cross Body Wood Choppers Rear Delt Work (hahaha, no idea what these are actually called!): 1×8 at 7.5lbs, 1×6 at 7,5lbs, 1×5 at 7.5lbs.  As you can see on that last superset, I just went for failure and stayed at the same weight.  Seemed to be a good workout.

Saturday: Bis and Back.  I hit bis and back again because I feel like my biceps are lacking AND I like to lift back. 🙂  Alternating Bicep Curls: 1×15 at 15lbs, 1×12 at 20lbs, 1×10 with 5 at 25lbs and 5 at 20lbs.  Straight Bar Curls (making sure to get full extension between each rep): 3×10 at 20lbs; V Bar Pull Downs: 3×10 at 50lbs.  EZ Bar Curls (21 method – alternate wide and close grip): 2×21 at 18lbs, 2×21 at 23lbs; Lat Pull Downs: 1×12 at 40lbs, 3×12 at 50lbs.  Regular Curls: 2×10 at 12lbs; Bent Over Rows: 2×10 at 12lbs; Hammer Curls: 2×10 at 12lbs; Bent Over Flyes: 2×10 at 12lbs.  This final quad set was a good one.  You go through all four exercises without setting down the dumbbells.  It’s a fun burn to end on!

It was a great week.  I want to pick back up on the cardio.  I didn’t this week because my crotch region was still pretty sore from the angiogram.  I’m looking to pick out a show for 2014 to compete in.. I want to have plenty of time to prep and cut properly – while still eating a bunch of food!!  I’ll keep you posted on a decision!


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