Release the Thumb! #RoadToRecovery

Release the Thumb!  #RoadToRecovery

Aug 23, 2013

Finally!  I had most of the restrictions removed concerning my hand on my last visit to the hand ortho about three weeks back, so have re-entered the gym and worked cautiously.  As of this afternoon, it has been fully cleared for lifting unrestricted.  I still have to wait until Monday to learn the fate of my knee/knee brace, but everything is feeling better – other than my left leg continues to shrink and my quads need to be re-activated!  I have full movement of my lower left thumb joint and 65 degrees on the upper.  I am getting used to gripping the bar with it.

Tuesday at XSport did light bench and then heavy back/machine chest – at least, as heavy as I could:

  • Bench 95×8, 135 x5, 185×5, 225×5
  • Hammer incline 135×8, 225×8, 315×8
  • Hammer decline 135×8, 225×8, 315×8, 405×8
  • Tricep pulldowns 120×20, 140×20
  • Wide cable rows 2x120x16
  • Narrow cable rows 2x120x12
  • Bicep cable curls 2x90x16
  • Cable pulldowns 2x140x20
  • Cable shoulders 2x40x12
  • Cable crunches 150×30

Friday bench day with Team Stone

  • Bench 100×8, 140×5, 190×5, 230×5, 260×1 w/RAM: 280×2, 320×2
  • Bench total 25 reps – 5 to chest, 5 to 1bd, 2bd, 3bd, 4bd continuous at 190lb
  • Cable lat – 2x120x20
  • Tricep pulldowns – 2x120x20
  • 30lb DB shoulder raises – two sets at 12 reps
  • 35lb DB curls – 2 sets at 16 reps

Starting to feel the strength coming back after less then 3 months from the accident.


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