Represent. That is what I plan to do in Prague.

Represent. That is what I plan to do in Prague.

Apr 15, 2013

Well I am 2 days away from leaving for Prague. I have been training  for Masters World Bench and Masters Nationals which is 2 weeks later. I am excited for Prague but I do have concerns and I am cautious.

My first concern is travelling. I have never been out  the  country and am not sure how my body will react . I have talked to a few others who have travelled overseas and got advice from them . I plan on stretching and being well hydrated on the flight of 11 hrs. I will take potassium with me and ibuprofen. I know from travelling in a car for a few hours what happens to my body but hopefully with the opportunity of being able to walk around I don’t cramp from the 11 or so hours. Ahh time, that segways me into my next concern.

Prague is 5 hours ahead of me . I will be lifting there at 11 am but my time it is 6 am and I am hoping my body can adjust. Hell I rarely get up at 6 am let alone think about benching. I have a plan. We leave at 630 pm Wednesday and I plan on taking lots of sleeping aids. If I can get 10 hrs and wake up 8-10 am their time then I will be up around 4 am our time. Once I get there I will have Thursday and Friday to adjust. With the intention of 8 hours sleep each night I hope it adjusts fine. With some caffeine and the adrenaline going I hope that offsets the time differential. Will it work? Well Saturday will tell.

Food. I plan on bringing my own and eating it before I lift on Saturday. I will be packing protein bars and soft shell tortillas( my premeet meal also). I don’t have to worry about refrigeration. It fills me up quickly and the carbs keep me going.My concern is eating their food and it not agreeing with me. So my answer if I want something different then I packed? Fast food. I know how my body reacts to it and I don’t have to worry if my body reacts negatively as in getting sick or discomfort. I know not the best BUT it is better then losing a coupe of pounds from vomiting or living on the toilet. When the meet is over then all hell breaks loose!!!

You know what? Enough with negatives and pessimisms.

My training has gone great!!! Ended super strong with my projected opener. If it doesn’t feel right,the warm-ups, I will drop it to be safe. My ego will be left in the States. I am there to help my team!!! This is not about PRs but about what I can do to help us.

I have been in a  Masters World meet in October 2012.  I went 3 for 3 on the bench. I received only one red light and it was for too low on my chest. Did I mention it was under World refereeing? Did I mention it was my biggest bench ever? Did I mention it was AFTER I squatted? Did I … ok enough of that!!!

I am confident not cocky. I have said you can’t be cocky if you have uncertainties but you can be confident! I understand that I am going against our countries’ national champs and wherever I end up I will be proud.(Bombing would be the only exception,I will not be happy) The placing is second ,Representing is first.

I plan on representing myself,my team, my country, Iron Authority, The GYM and Tan line, and Titan Support Systems the best I can.

Stay Tuned.










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  1. Devan Curley /

    Best of luck! The best thing I can tell you about competing/adjusting to competing overseas is don’t think too much! :o) Easier said than done I know! As far as the time change is concerned, once you set foot on that plane don’t think about what time it is back home! It doesn’t matter! You are going to waste all your time thinking/stressing about what time it is back home and not what you are really there for! Go to bed when you normally would at home, set an alarm and get up at a decent time, and don’t nap during the day! You will do great! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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