Represented in Prague. My summary of an unforgettable trip.

Represented in Prague. My summary of an unforgettable trip.

Apr 27, 2013

DSC00066             I did what I wanted to. Represent. I am glad to be back home.Don’t get me wrong I loved it there but here is where my heart is at(had enough skinny jeans for one week). After 3 days of catching up on work and sleep I am almost back to normal. This will hopefully be a cliff notes version of the trip and the meet. Both were entertaining.

Quick thanks to Dana,Steve,Wes,Leigh and the rest of Team USA that supported me.Thanks to my girlfriend Lori for being there in the gym,home and Prague. Keeping me focused when I would lose it.

We left on Wednesday landed on Thursday. We arrived at the hotel and this is where the adventure begins. This was our first trip to Europe so we knew really nothing about the lifestyle and habits there. It was apparent when we entered our room. We thought we had no power so I went to the front desk to find out you have to plug your room card into the light switch to turn on all the power in the room. What a noob. Oh the learning experiences were just starting. Then when I said my air conditioner didn’t work they said that was because they were turned off since they were a seasonal item and the season had not started to have them turned on. Once situated we ventured to where the meet was. We got back around 7pm. I went to sleep at 8pm and didn’t wake till 2pm THE NEXT DAY 18 HOURS OF SLEEP!!!

Friday I helped some of my teammates.Lori and I enjoyed watching the meet when I wasn’t helping.Nothing to exciting . Did find out I couldn’t get a cup of ice at the hotel unless it was in a drink which defeated the purpose since I wanted to put in a drink I was supplying. Went to bed around 9pm but could only sleep max of 3ish hours. It was either because of the 18 hrs the night before or because maybe I was nervous,if not both.

Bored? Anxious? Here is the link to the video:

Saturday woke up,and weighed in about 204. I found out there were 6 of us opening around the same weight!!! I shortly  met my teammates that were competing with me and the ones who were helping me. Warm Ups were not great. I felt sluggish and uncertain. I did exactly what I wanted but something was off.I planned on opening at 545 but lowered it to 534 to be safe.When I told my coach he put the change in. When my flight came up I was the fourth lifter in the flight of 12. Something was wrong I am never that low in a flight. Steve(coach) notified me there was a mistake. They put me in for a 430 opener and he signed off on it by mistake. I passed my opening attempt. I was annoyed because feeling like I was and giving an attempt up was not making for a good day. It got worse .3 benchers after me missed their 1st attempts!!! I would have been in 2nd after round 1. This is what I needed though. I went from annoyed to pissed. I went from uncertain to focused. I had to attempts to get in the running and I would make the most of it.

2nd attempt I opened with my 534 and smoked it!!!  I told Steve put whatever it is I need to get on the board and I will do it. I could not be deterred. I did not ask nor wanted to be told what was on the bar. When called for my 3rd I did not know what was on the bar. I went out there incensed. The weight felt lighter then the previous attempt and I smoked that one too. I end up taking second.

1st Japan 562

2nd  USA(me)556

3rd Norway 544

What I will remember the most though is after the the Japanese national anthem played  the Japanese winner brought both of us up onto the first place tier and we stood together. THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET. The sportsmanship he displayed was admirable. I thanked him for the competition he brought and for bringing out the best in myself.

Well the rest of the trip was incredible. Things I learned there:

  •  ice was not free in some places for soda,they also like serving it warm.
  • Soda is more expensive then beer,I don’t drink so Lori enjoyed saving money on beer which she enjoyed.
  • Ketchup packs cost 7 crown. YES you have to pay for ketchup packs with your meal.
  • Czech food is awesome.
  • All guys there skinny jeans .I stuck out like a black sheep.
  • You pay to use some bathrooms.
  • It was beautiful.
  • They are a happy bunch of people. 2 am they love singing in groups outside where my hotel was,of course.

We came back home on Wednesday and now I have one focus. May 4th nationals.

Tick tock.


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