Return to the Bench #RoadToRecovery

Return to the Bench #RoadToRecovery

Oct 20, 2013



Myself (sporting my Berserker Radio shirt) and my coach Joe Atef
Last Sunday I did my leg therapy and then drove to Indianapolis for a technical conference from Sunday evening until Wednesday – no training from Sunday until the meet on Saturday and my last lift to openers was the previous Friday.  My metabolism has been going crazy with the recovery and, although I had been careful with my diet, I increased by over 10lbs.  I did take it easy on the conference, but expected salty food.  Plan was for the Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress – if I remained in the 308 class then I would go after the Masters 2 AAPF bench record I set in 2012, if I fell into SHW, I would go after the Masters 2 APF bench record.  In either case, the major goals were: 1) get the 210kg/463.5lb I missed in Nationals just prior to the accident; and, 2) compete and win my first open meet – so I entered both APF and AAPF and Masters 2 and Open.

By Thursday I weighed in at home at 318lbs, so figured I would weigh in Friday evening and not worry about starving myself into the meet. I actually weighed in at 141.2kg in the evening which meant if I waited until the following morning I might get into the 308 class.  However, I felt that would endanger my goals as I would be in the first flight – bench only.


So, I got up Saturday morning secure in the fact that I would be competing Super Heavy Weight (SHW) and ready to have some fun.  I was using the ultra loose Viking bench shirt that I had used in the past as I did not have enough time to break in to the Overkill bench shirt.  In effect, I did not feel I was ready to perform in the high 500lb level as I am still recovering.

Snapshot - 60

Lifted my opener of 190kg/418lb without an issue – a little rocky as without deadlift, squats or heavy shrugs the top of my back just didn’t feel full enough.  Second attempt I set a little tighter and my legs a little wider.  The 200kg/440lb came up quick but light on the left (bad thumb) side and the shirt was jacked a little high, so tight, but still three lights.  The final attempt of 210kg/463.5lb also came up relatively easy with my right lacking instead.  Joe Atef got me set and tight, Ken Stone set the belt and made sure my legs were tight – everything ran perfect.  Three lights – Illinois APF SHW Masters 2 State Bench Record Set and Match.

Following my flight I got changed and ran the computer for the meet the rest of the time as well as had been filming the complete meet – to be published soon.


Ended with gold APF and AAPF Open and Masters 2 SHW.  Above with organizer Erv Domanski, owner of Progressive Sports Performance, the gym where I made my first come-back after a 15 year break and now my comeback meet for bench and inaugural meet for open competition.

Thanks to my team – Eric Stone (captain), Ken Stone, Jackie Stone and Robert Fills, who competed and all received PRs and Joe Atef, our onsite coach.




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