Return to the Bench #RoadToRecovery

Return to the Bench #RoadToRecovery

Jul 28, 2013

It appears I’m a little ahead and my thumb was cleared to no longer have to wear the thumb splint. Discussed light workouts with the ortho surgeon. While I cannot lift with my leg or put resistance on it, such as leg drive or squat/deadlift, I can work from my back.

IMG_2637 IMG_2638

[Above: Scarring and Last Bit of Healing]

As such, Friday I got together with Team Stone and got in a light bench recovery night. 5×5 at 140 lbs, pulldowns, rows, triceps and band crunches.

On Monday my leg was checked by my leg ortho and cleared for active movement. This means that I cannot use resistance other than the weight of my leg. At the same time I received a new leg splint that is now used to provide support, but full range of motion. On Thursday my therapy regimin was expanded to riding a stationary recline bicycle. I was able, after a few minutes, to rotate back and forwards 360 degrees and then just went ahead and started pedaling. We were also able to get the leg to bend to 88 degrees hanging and 86 degrees on my back. Plan is to finally break 90 degrees this week.


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