Return to the Platform #RoadToRecovery

Return to the Platform #RoadToRecovery

Sep 4, 2013


[Howard Penrose and Garry Frank – APF President]

As of today it has been three months since the accident.  While the leg is still inoperative, per doctor’s orders, the hand injury was cleared to lift at the AWPC World Powerlifting Championships in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  As I was on the injured list, I had already volunteered to run the scoreboard.


The competition ran from August 29-September 1, 2013.  Thursday was women and teens raw, Friday was mens and masters raw, Saturday was women and teens equipped, and Sunday was mens and masters equipped.  For some reason, Saturday was a little light so most of the lifters were moved to Sunday.

As I had qualified for Mens Masters Equipped, I opted to lift on Sunday.  My application for open and masters bench remained and I stepped down from deadlift and full power due to the injury.  As I had not worked my bench shirt in over three months, I ended up lifting raw.  My hand ortho doctor cleared my hand the previous Friday but did request that I keep the lifts light.  So, I started at 110 kg and up’ed it to a maximum of 140 kg (308lbs) for a gold in both open and equipped 140kg (308lb) class.


[Uber-Light Opener – 110kg]

I suppose the good news is that I was not the lightest lifter!

Starting this Friday I will be working my equipment once again – bench shirt only – working towards one of two meets coming up in the area.  Bench only as I will not be able to put weight on the leg until the end of the year.

I suppose one of the biggest questions is: “why did I lift at Worlds – let alone light and not at the level I was capable of in the past?”  First, I probably could have gone for another 50-60lbs, but did not want to risk injury.  What was more important, however, was getting on the stage again.  Three months is a long time and I had worked hard to qualify for this event.  I was hoping to be cleared for bench, as a short term recovery goal, and deadlift as a stretch goal.  Technically, I could have done deadlift, but I have a really good ortho who is supporting my return to powerlifting.  I trust him, so I am following his advice.

Snapshot - 58

The bench attempt, itself, was interesting as I could not use leg drive off the left leg.  So, I used it to steady myself straight out and to the left while I curled the right leg to make it tight and provide the ability to drive.

It was also important to wear my Beast Shirt to ensure success in the lifts.

The final attempt, although it was only 308 lbs, I am using as my post-injury PR.  Yes, I am starting from the bottom and working my way up.  The past is the past and everything I do from now on is new!

The trip was great!  On Saturday several of us ended up traveling out to see Yellowstone Park.  It made for a late night.

IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_2713 IMG_2716


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