Road to Recovery 11 Month Update

Road to Recovery 11 Month Update

May 5, 2014


The injury happened 11 months ago on June 4, 2013.  This week I performed my third set of deadlifts and my second time under the bar squatting since the day of the injury.

The challenge I have been running into is getting used to the left tendon being ~20mm (almost an inch) longer than the right.  This means that the quads fire at different times and the left, due to how I have had to use it over the past 11 months, wants to straighten as quickly as possible.  The tendon stopped stretching like taffy at month 10, so I started loading the leg and tendon with the promise that I would not drop below parallel.

Following are the videos of my final lifts with deadlift on Wednesday and squats on Sunday:

At this point my training for squat/deadlift is as follows (not counting bench training):

Deadlift Day (usually Wednesday):

5-10 minutes on an exercise bike to loosen things up;

Deadlifts – low reps concentrating on firing both legs at the same time and adding a little weight each time;

Safety Bar Squats – just the bar plus a little weight.

2-5 lb ankle weight leg extensions

Reverse treadmill with incline set at 8 degrees slow speed and using a partial crouch stance ~5 minutes

I will sometimes include rack pulls.


Squat Day (Usually Sunday):

Exercise bike for 5-10 minutes and stretching

Squats ranging from 10 reps down to 3 with slightly increasing weight – adjust per the ‘feel’ of the tendon

Accessories for quads, hams, glutes.


Accessory Day (at least one other day):

Exercise bike for 5-10 minutes and stretching

Incline legpress – relatively light weight for reps of 12-20

Hack squats – relatively light weight for reps of 12-20

Leg extension/leg curls (starting this week)

Reverse treadmill at 8 degrees


I am also using stairs both up and down and taking long walks again, now that the weather is clearing up.

At least this year’s conference will be held in Philadelphia, but I don’t plan on working heavy in any gyms I may visit!



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