Road to Recovery Continues

Road to Recovery Continues

Oct 27, 2013

Slowly but surely, the long road to tendon recovery continues.  Another month before I can get under the bar, I think – it depends on the meeting I will have with the doctor on November 1.

The limitation, at this point, is ‘let pain be your guide.’  While I am well ahead of the recovery curve, my intention is to give it the full six months before using any real weight (presently using, as the doctor put it, normal people weight).

Balancing work, research and lifting/rehab.  Fired my physical therapists and have started working with the team and following a path that has been working better at reactivating the quads versus watching the therapists put me through a series of exercises that didn’t seem to make sense for my knee, then watched them have an 80 year old lady do the same exercises for a foot, and someone not in shape doing the exact same thing for his hip and a young high school kid do the exact same thing for his lower back.

What the heck?

Focus on using stairs going both up and down instead of the elevator (unless I am carrying things – body weight only), long walks, light (sled only) leg press and hack squat, high box steps up (not yet doing so well down).  The results appear that I am walking better, the tightness in range of motion is significantly reduced, swelling is not so bad.  Included for the past three weeks has been leg drive on bench.


  • Steps up and down to 8 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch boxes 12 each
  • Good mornings – 2xbarx12, 135×5, 225×5
  • Leg press – red bands and skid 3×15, 90lbs weight with both feet
  • Hack Squat – red bands 3×12
  • 2 mile fast walk
  • three flights of stairs x 8 times

Focused on coaching several female lifters who are preparing for a December Raw Meet in between attempts.  Assisted the team with heavy squats.

Starting to work on my program for the big return!  To be discussed in the next posting.



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