Road to shoulder recovery

Road to shoulder recovery

Mar 30, 2013

Back in the beginning of February I was doing incline bench press on a Thursday and on my very last set I had 455lbs on the bar. I remember it just like yesterday, it felt very light on the way down, had a nice long pause and as soon as I pushed the weight up I heard and felt my delt tear. I still got the weight up easy but knew something was very wrong. I could not feel my left shoulder and felt a warm sensation all down my arm. Needless to say I called it a night for my workout. That night I was in severe pain and could not even straighten out my arm.
I had no idea what was in store for the next 2 plus months. It was a long, painful, slow recovery but hopefully I am on my way to a full recovery. I think proper rehab is very important to a full recovery and a long lasting power lifting career.
The first week of my injury I just iced, heated and relaxed, did not type of lifting or anything much. It was swollen and discolored for about 2 weeks. The second week I still iced, and heated but this week I bought a resistance band from Wal-Mart and started to stretch it out. It did not go very well and was pretty frustrating for the second and third week of recovery. After two weeks of this routine I started to work in a 5lb dumbbell, which surprisingly was pretty heavy for my injured shoulder. The next week was a 10 lb dumbbell and stretching. After much patience and encouraging words from family and friends I learned to be happy with at least being able to lift my shoulder over my head and thanked the Lord I did not need surgery.
After a month of the same routine I just got back in the gym this past week. Recovery is going good. On Monday I flat benched a whopping 95lbs for 8 reps hahaha, did some shoulder press, lateral raises, upright rows and flies. On Thursday I managed to get 135 for 3 sets of 12 still a little painful but its better than nothing. My strength feels good but its just the delt is still sore and tender. Hopefully this week I can work up to 185 on Monday and 225 on Thursday.

Happy Easter to everybody, and remember the reason for the holiday. Jesus our Lord has rose from the grave and reigns over all the earth!!!


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  1. Marvin Bishop /

    Also take glutamine, some aminos and creatine after the workout. That has been working for my shoulder. Also steak for dinner is a good whole food source for protein, aminos and creatine.

  2. Glad to hear your doing better. you’ll be back before you know it.

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