Road to the Arnold

Road to the Arnold

Jan 2, 2013

By far the most exciting meet that I’ve ever lifted in has to be the Arnold Pro Deadlift Challenge. My training cycle for this meet is always fun too because I get too really push myself on deadlift. At the same time I have to integrate in some suited bench and squat work to get ready for collegiate nationals. If powerlifting had a season, this would be the start of mine- running all the way through junior worlds. For the past couple of weeks I’ve just been doing some maintenance work not going past 65% and have been focusing on conditioning. I’ve incorporated tire flipping, sled work, ropes, plyometric jumps, box jumps, and sprints. During this conditioning phase I also like to cut down my rest time in between sets, a minute in between for my main lifts, and thirty seconds for my auxiliaries. I was doing some type of conditioning work every workout, however moving into this new training cycle I’ll cut that down to once or twice a week as the weight gets heavier. Starting out with 75% for sets of 5 this week. Let the journey to 850 begin!


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  1. No doubts that you’ll dominate the Arnold again!

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