Ryan Carrillo TX Strongman

Ryan Carrillo TX Strongman

Feb 6, 2013

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Ryan is a 21 year old super heavyweight drug free powerlifter and strength athlete from south Texas. He is a full time student and worker as well as an active volunteer in the community. His story is a tale of overcoming adversity and triumphing in the face of it  Help this inspiring young man represent his country in Lithuania at the IPF Bench Press Worlds competition in May 2013 by sponsoring him or helping in any way you can.​

Ryan was born and raised in San Antonio Texas by Mark and Mary Carrillo on the north side of town, near the small town of Helotes. He spent the majority of his youth adventuring around the back roads and rustic history of the tiny town with a big heart. He played football at Sandra Day O’Connor High School, and ended his career with all district honors and as a team captain amongst his peers. Early on in his career he suffered a back injury that still effects him to this day. We understand this a little bit better through his eyes;

“I was young, just beginning to find my niche in the sport I loved. I was succeeding and progressing quickly, surely I was on my way to a storied high school career that would launch me into a division 1 college. The universe had something else planned however. I suffered a debilitating back injury, a herniation of a disk in my lumbar spine. I was lost, scared, depressed, and in a world of pain. I was told I would never play football again, never be able to lift weights, and I would be in pain forever. Frightening things to hear at a young age. I however did not give up. I insisted on continuing on, I did my therapy and committed myself to excellence, I returned to play football and by the time I was finished my senior year I was an all district linemen and team captain. That experience is something I would not trade. Though tough, and life changing I believe it played a large role in creating the person I am today. The ability to triumph in the face of adversity, when the odds are against me is a rare ability in my eyes, if it weren’t for that injury, those years of struggle and chaos, I wouldn’t have the character that I do now. I could have rolled over and just died, stopped doing what I loved and listened to the doctors, the thing is I did not want to, so I didn’t die. Instead I chose to live and live how I pleased.. ​. I did the work necessary and was successful through my determination and fearlessness. To this day it still hurts, it effects my life in more ways than one but I would not change it, ever. It hurts like heaven. I’m living a dream, how many people can say that? I’ve been wanted to powerlift since I first touched a weight in the eighth grade. I’ve always believed that history remembers the dreamers and the doers, I am both. The bench press world championships have been on my mind since I first competed, it’s taken 3 years of hammering away, failing, succeeding, then failing again to get here. I’m hungrier now than I have ever been before. Please come be a part of my success. Your help means a lot to me and you will be in my heart while training, and competing for this competition.”

Ryan began powerlifting shortly after graduating high school choosing to specialize in the bench press due to his injury. He broke the standing Texas state record at 18 years old and continued on breaking and holding records in the WABDL and more in the USAPL once he became a junior competitor in 2011. Ryan was discovered by strength legend Gene Bell at his third meet and began training with Gene 3 months later. With humble levels of strength he began training, unsure of where he was headed but having faith in his coach and his training partners. Gene would eventually teach Ryan how to squat and deadlift even with his injury. Because of this, today Ryan is currently one of the top super heavy weights in the country and is slowly making progress into the upper echelons of the division in the powerlifting circuit. He is hoping to qualify for the Junior Powerlifting world team this April.

Ryan qualified for the Bench Press world team by bench pressing a winning 567 lbs, benching 600 but having it turned down due to a technicality this past August in Palm Springs California at the United States Powerlifting National Bench Press Championship. Ryan then bench pressed 611 lbs in a full meet this past November in Austin Texas, setting the stage for a monster lift in May! The World Championships will be in Kaunas Lithuania May 21st – May 26th 2013. He is a full time student and worker and needs all the help he can get. Donations can be made by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button you see around the website, if you would like to help in a different way or have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, and appreciate your time!

Good Luck Ryan!  – Iron Authority


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  1. Ryan Carrillo /

    Im truly flattered by this Brady, thanks so much for putting me out there. I know I may not have done as many great things as many other more accomplished lifters out there but I really appreciate the opportunity. To those of you reading thanks for your time, anything helps me out big time. There has been a huge out pour of support for me and Its so humbling. Thanks for your time and be on the lookout for me at all the major meets this year shooting video doing interviews and competing. Take care all!

    • Ryan “El Mesa Grande” Carrillo, a 600lbs bench press at 21 years old, drug free, and competing on the largest stage in the world makes you quite deserving.

      We have no problem helping out a guy as humble and as strong as you are. Thats what we do!

      -Iron Authority

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