Saturday Hiking

Saturday Hiking

Oct 21, 2012

Beth and I went to Silver Lake in Highland, IL where they have a really nice trail that parallels the lake.  The total distance of the trail is 9 miles, we did about half in just over 2 hours.  We took our time.  Between studying, classes, and clinicals, Beth doesn’t get much time to be outdoors and doing something that she likes.

She stopped just about every 50 yards to look at and analyze something.  There weren’t a whole lot of hikers on the trail, wasn’t too muddy, and was a nice mid 60s kind of day.  The only regret is that we didn’t take our dogs.  They’d have loved it.

After the hike, Beth and I met my parents in my home town of Lebanon, IL.  We ate at Mama Gusto’s Pizza.  They had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.  I was pleasantly surprised and the atmosphere was great.  I gave my dad one of the Camo Hats and he was pretty excited about that.  He is an extremely hardcore hunter.  You can find them in our PRO SHOP.  The hat is embroidered with blaze/ranga orange embroidery, it is Flex-Fit, and the camo pattern is official Mossy-Oak.












I haven’t really introduced our dogs to you all.  Kilo is our first dog.  He is a West Highland Terrier…bred to hunt badgers.  He is really energetic and extremely hard to catch.  Ollie is a Border Terrier and Norwich Terrier Mix…he is a really docile little guy, but absolutely pisses him off when another dog is in the yard.  He’s chased away boxers, german shepherds, and labs.  They outweigh him by 50 lbs or better.  Both weigh around 15-17lbs.  Both dogs are like our kids and aren’t too spoiled…unless Beth is home.

Aside from that training Friday was pretty easy:
Squats x10

ABS x3x30

Curls x6x10-15

Beth has been in Quincy, IL about 3.5 hours north of where we live.  We went into Highland and ate dinner at Farmers.  Had Shrimp, Chili, Onion Rings, Salad, and Carrot Cake for dessert.  It was all good.


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