Bench is flying like a seagull on Meth!

Bench is flying like a seagull on Meth!

Sep 29, 2013


  1. 495X1
  2. 535X1
  3. 565X1
  4. 585X1 Tied Gym PR


  1. 590×2
  2. 605×2

* After squats I did my normal assistance work. I did not want to lift past the 495 this day but I kept thinking about the Arnold. I have 5 months to build a huge total and if that’s what I have to do then so be it.


  1. 365×1
  2. 400×1
  3. 415×1 stupid fast. RPE PR


  1. 415X2
  2. 430X2


  1. 100X6
  2. 150X6
  3. 160X6
  4. 170X6!!! Triceps strength is going through the roof!!! Big things to come. 4..???

lately my bench has been flying up do to the fact that my tris are getting much stronger. If you are not working your tris THEN GET TO IT!!  Why would you let something as simple as doing some isolation work stop you from getting stronger? Is it because its not whats trendy? Grab a bar and do some extensions before I come to your house and slap you in the throat hole with a ham sandwich wrapped in bricks AKA my big, strong ass triceps that I built with Jack Extensions. I know a lot of people don’t like to do extensions because their favorite lifter doesn’t do them or they read that some science dork said not to because he or she has scientific proof that they dont help your bench. SHUT UP! or I’ll come at you with another sandwich. Does this mean you should do 55 sets of 10 reps on push downs? NO!  If you have been following my blog, I do heavy ass extensions. Sets of 6 then I do heavy push downs of sets of 10. I do 1 drop set of 15 for a blood flush and that’s it. I don’t treat my assistance work like everyone else. I treat everything I do as if its a max attempt, Always trying to go heavier. In my mind they are just as important as the main lifts.  I have recently asked some of my team-mates to put Jack Ext into their training and I can guarantee you their bench is going to improve a lot and they WILL PR.


Back was very stiff today because I was sitting at the computer most of the night typing up programs.


  1. 455X1
  2. 495X1 DESTROYED IT!
  3. 550X 0 Missed. This is where the tight back caught up to me. I felt strong as hell with the 495 but 550 felt like 600. I got it up to my knees and had to give it up. I have to make sure I’m off the computer the day before. Too many serious injuries in my past to sit that long.

** Did some lat work then called it a day. Very mad. Its been 4 days since I did DL and I will kick the shit out of 550 in 1 month. I want 550 @9. I know that’s not a lot for most but that would be a big strength gain for me.

** Keep your eyes open for an article about setting up training cycles for a meet and how to peak at the right time.


** Thanks for reading. Please share with your friends and show them all the other great lifters and articles on the  site.

Jack DiBenedetto- CPT,CSCS, Owner of Brickhouse Fitness & Powerlifting NJ

If you are interested in me training you just click on the Brickhouse Viking link  on the right of your screen.


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  1. The Jack Extensions are killers but I’m lovin’ the result!

  2. I’m thinkin’ a Dragon should be on your Christmas list. It will def cut your “sitting” to a minimum. You won the State’s with ONLY 6 WEEKS OUT to train! WTH will you do with 5 MONTHS OUT to the Arnold!!!!

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