Second week upper body, seeing progress Nov 19 week

Second week upper body, seeing progress Nov 19 week

Dec 2, 2013

Due to purchasing a new house and the holiday my training has been rolling but my logs are behind by 2 weeks and hopefully I can catch up by the end of the weekend.(12/8) This is the second week of my next mini cycle. I constantly modify my workouts each week keep the movements standard for the 4 weeks but switch something up in the midst of it such as switching the first movement with the second as the lead movement. I also this week did speed benches BUT ad one more subset with 30 second breaks in between. I decided to do speed benches 4 sets of 3 reps  with 30 second breaks .

Remember the two things about my speed benches. First my grip is NOT competition grip nor even close to it (4 inches closer on each side). Secondly I will, starting this week, start doing 2 groups of speed benches with different weights. Example this week 225 4 sets of 3, next week 225 3 sets of 3 then 265 3 sets of 3 . Following week I add a 3rd group of weight. After the 1st group of benches I rest normally then on the next group take 30 seconds between sets. Afterwards I will try to do 2-3 sets of bench with normal rest intervals 4-6 reps. I also add 2 sets of regular benches 4-8 reps if possible with heavier weight.

I am continuing on the reverse pec decs for scapula work. (Have some issues when putting the bar on my back and it could be a deficiency  issue there so this is the best time to strengthen a weak spot.)

This week’s chest volume :  14440 lbs

Last week 14310 lbs

Last cycles week 2 bench volume: 17300 lbs (Did dumbells and had band sets which bumped up the volume)

Ok now the week’s workout.



225 3 reps 3 sets Speed Bench with 30 sec breaks (grip 4” narrower then comp grip)

265 3 reps 2 sets “                                                            “

335 5 reps med grip

370 3 reps(lost groove)

335 8(missed last)


250 6 reps

295 5 reps



Machine seated rows

170,200,230,260 6 reps each set

Lat pull

210  6 reps

225 6 reps

245 5 reps



295 8 reps

435 5 reps 2 sets

515 5 reps

575 3 reps

455 6 reps

Reverse pec dec

60,90,110,125 all sets 8 reps each


Overhead rear presses

95 ,140,140 8 reps per set



                Hammer curls

                50,60 6 reps each

75 4 reps

Preacher curls

50 6 reps

60 5 reps

50 8  reps

Cable curls

70 2 sets 8 reps


95  8 reps

115,135,155 6 reps each set

175 4 reps


                   0 6 reps 3 sets full stretch slow.

Next week I up my bench but keep the reps the same. 6-8 weeks from now I start training for Worlds and nationals so my only goal is strengthening all the secondary muscles to carry over into the primary movements this offseason.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.

Till next time.


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