Set Back

Set Back

Jan 25, 2013

This past week has been a very painful one.  Been going through the worst pain and pains that I’ve ever felt.  I’ve had a minor emergency pop up that required me to go to the hospital today and have a minor surgery/procedure.  Life hasn’t been that good this week.  With that said, I may withdraw my name from the Arnold Classic Pro Bench Press Championships, but I still plan on being there for my friends, teammates, and competitors.

I do feel very relieved after my visit to the hospital so my spirit is up, however, the surgeon wasn’t that satisfied with what he was able to do.  So I have a follow up appointment with him on tuesday.  I hope nothing additional is required.

I am very thankful that I have Beth (nurse) as a wife.  She has been amazing and very sweet to me.

Basically, I had to have an abscess lanced and drained in a very sensitive area.

The surgeon told me not to lift anything for a week and I don’t plan on it.  I really want to heal up before I really start training hard.  I feel like relaxing and being pain free for a while.  I am telling you, this pain was the worst.  The abscess (as I noticed and felt it) started about the size of a small marble and within 5 days grew to the size of a golf ball.  Since I’ve been laying around I’ve been getting a lot of cramps in my ribs and shoulders.  Very odd.

What this time allows me to do is better prep/plan for the IPF World Championships.  Being incapacitated has allowed me yet another opportunity to reflect on my life and situation.  Simple things like walking, jogging, going to the grocery store were impossible for me.  Its amazing how the little things in life mean so much when feeling down and out.  When things feel bad, I’ll remember this experience and bounce back.

The strangest feeling I had was being so physically strong, yet so incapable of doing much of anything.  I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life.

The silver lining is that when I am able to lift again, I’ll have another couple weeks of rest under me.  This will be another good period of time to heal some nagging pains in the chest and shoulders.  You better believe that I’ll be training for the IPF World Championships with a vengeance.

Hopefully I’ll be able to record another adventure tomorrow.  That should pick my spirits up.  I hope everyone has enjoyed them thus far.


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  1. Wow man, sorry about having to withdraw yourself from the Arnold. Would like to see you and Beth if at all possible there at the Arnold.


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