Seven Weeks and Aargh! Dealing with Gear

Seven Weeks and Aargh!  Dealing with Gear

Feb 6, 2013

Over the past several months I have been concentrating on the move from raw competition to equipped. I started with a loose Viking bench shirt and spent time going back and forth with sizing on a squat and deadlift suit while working with a loose Viking brief.

After a month with the Ace squat suit I have progressed to the 600’s and expect to compete in the 700s. The Ace bencher is super tight and going from the Viking to the Ace, on the first night, took 500lb to 2-boards after not being able to bend my arms at 420lb. So, not too shabby. Should have the shirt broken in and it seems to suit me.

With an attempt using the Ace Squatter, including an attempt today, putting my deadlift backwards, I am working with a relatively loose King Deadlifter which still throws me forward a bit in sumo. In effect, still learning – a dangerous situation with seven weeks.

Spending the past few weeks recovering from a combined cold and flu which has resulted in a lack of consistent energy has not helped. Finally starting to feel better. Planning on bench and squat Prs this weekend and going to go after improved deadlifts next Wednesday. Time to get Prs in deadlift!

Next post will be on the gym I’ve moved over to – Xsport Fitness – from Health Tracks. Also working on more information for posting related to the Women in Powerlifting series within the next few weeks.


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