Sex: Not tonight honey I have a meet this week.

Sex: Not tonight honey I have a meet this week.

Sep 2, 2013

There is an old Eastern belief that having sex drains a man’s life force, lowering his testosterone, hence weakening him. If you fast forward to a more recent time, Muhammad Ali and his era, boxers believed you didn’t have sex within six weeks of a fight. Additionally Mike Tyson was reported as saying, in a documentary, that he didn’t have sex for 5 years because of fighting. I have also talked to a bodybuilder who said it is recommended to go abstinent for a month or so before a show.

For some they don’t have sex the week of or some predetermined time before a competition. Others may have it the morning of. Is one right or wrong? Is one logic better then the other? I researched this from a medical perspective and included various sports besides powerlifting, such as MMA, boxing, and running. Let’s investigate some of angles of that taboo, sex.

First Testosterone. What it does?

   After having sex, it does not drop levels but actually elevates them afterwards and if you don’t have sex (release of any type) after 3 months your level drops to that of a child!

It’s the predominant male sex hormone. Some roles it is credited for are:

¦Higher muscle mass

¦Higher energy levels

¦Improved cognition

¦Increased libido

¦Better insulin management


If your testosterone levels are low you may experience:


¦Lack of confidence, experience depression, be temperamental

¦Difficulty sleeping

¦Low energy levels

¦Loss of desire to have sex

¦Higher fat storage

Normal levels of testosterone in men vary between 230-1000 ng/dL.


How to increase your level naturally

    Without taking prohormones or steroids (if you are then why are you in a drug free federation?) you can try to elevate your testosterone naturally regardless of your age.

Some ways are:


  • Get 7-8      hours of sleep
  • Limit your      intake of alcohol as consumption definitely has a negative impact on      testosterone levels.
  • Start      taking zinc. Zinc is a crucial mineral for proper testosterone      functioning.

There is research out there showing that a zinc deficiency can lead to as much as a 50% reduction in testosterone levels. Meat is a good source being chicken and salmon. Also peanuts or beans are a good source. Take about 15-25mg each day of Zinc. Take it at night on an empty stomach, right before you go to bed. (Personal experience I have found zinc too strong for my system on an empty stomach so I take it with food.)

  •  Dhea. (However you will fail a drug test      so consider this.
  • Vitamin A      is essential for the proper function of the reproductive organs. Lots of      fruits that increase testosterone for the organs: apples, blueberries,      cantaloupe, pineapple and citrus fruits, just to name a few. Food sources      of Vitamin A include fish, greens (spinach) and brightly colored      vegetables.


Found this interesting:

  • Testosterone                         level has been found to rise in humans after sexual stimuli. One study was published in New Scientist 22 Aug 98 11, done by Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology in Vienna. 10 men and 10 women viewed a 15 minute pornographic film. Men’s testosterone levels increased 100 percent afterwards, while women’s was 80 percent.

What does this mean? Give yourself an extra 15 minutes to leave before leg day.


Good news!! This is for you ladies


  Having sex has positive effects!! Vaginal stimulation increases the amount of pain-blocking neuropeptide substance P, which is effective for about a day after its release. The chemicals released will decrease overall muscle tension that an athlete might be experiencing, which may allow her to engage in physical activity at a higher, more intense level. All this according to Dr. Pamela Peeke.

Additional support according to research at Rutgers University in the US, sexual stimulation in women creates powerful pain-blocking effects that could help to sooth post-run muscular pain. It is thought that this is because female sexual arousal blocks the release of a pain-transmitting neuropeptide called substance P. Israeli physician Alexander Olshanietzky took this theory one step further, claiming that female runners and high jumpers also experience an energy boost after sex. “The more orgasms, the more chance of winning a medal,” he famously claimed before the Atlanta Games in 1996.



Studies and Surveys in Sports

            I like researching stuff outside of the bodybuilding /powerlifting books, authors or websites. Why? I feel going to other sources such as .org sites or bigger reputable media or medical sites. I use this also to compliment or support the article. To be thorough you need to go outside the sport for an unbiased factual view. Forums are good for SOME facts but remember some “plants” are there to push their product or line but pose as a user like you or myself.

I found a couple of surveys from runner’s sites that support that sex helps.

  • Peter      Marsh of the Oxford-based Social Issues Research Centre, carried out a      survey,

those who said ‘yes’ — with men being more ‘for’ than women — had faster finishing times,” organizers said.(espn moresports)

  • In an      article by Stefan Lovgren for National Geographic News, Doctors Ian Shrier      (a sports medicine specialist) and Emmanuel A. Jannini (a professor of      endocrinology) seem to agree that there is no actual proof that sex before      athletic events, including those of combative sports, have any kind of      diminishing effect on an athlete physically.
  • The      International Olympic Committee distributed 150,000 condoms to athletes      competing in London 2012. In the Olympic Village, sexual relationships are      common among competitors and volunteers.(CNN)


It seems if there is a negative reason it would be the person would be less aggressive (a common idea in combative sports). The muscles would be relaxed and a chemical is released from the brain that makes a man tired. The actual act of sex is not enough to tired a person to affect competition.




                To me there is not much of an argument when almost all the facts from studies support sex has no physiological impact. I believe it is more a mental block if you do or a mental placebo if you don’t have it. If you ask me my opinion, based on this research, I say it has no real physical effect. However, I have experienced having it before a workout and having a good workout, but never less than 2 nights before a meet.  I abstain from sex the week of a meet. Whether mental placebo or actual physical reasons this is my preference. Whatever works for you will be the final decision. My next article will focus on why my girlfriend encourages me to do meets, weekly. Hmmmm.

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape for helping me become a better powerlifter!

Information gathered:

Journal of Gerontology, 1982, 37(3):2880-293, “Relationship of Serum Testosterone to Sexual Activity in Healthy Elderly Men”

Men’s Health






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  1. Great blog, Pete! Lots of useful info for all of us. I’m going to research the sources you’ve mentioned. For me, a great training session only happens when I’m completely mentally ready to kill the weight. Doesn’t matter if I’m work tired or if my social life is doing well. We do whatever works.

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