Shaun Bales – IA Sponsored Athlete

Shaun Bales – IA Sponsored Athlete

Apr 23, 2012

Iron Authority, Inc is proud to announce our very first sponsored athlete in super heavyweight bench presser Shaun Bales!  Shaun has been seeing extremely large increases in strength in the last few months handing weights in excess of 625 lbs in the bench press.  He is a battle tested athlete, competing in many state, national, and international powerlifting federation competitions.  We look forward to his continuing improvements and helping him in any way that we can.  Congratulations Shaun!  You’ve earned it!

Shaun’s lifting background:

Shaun has been fortunate enough to have trained at the Belleville Weight Lifting Club since 2005 with some of the most elite benchers in the world; in Brady Stewart and Dana Rosenzweig. Being around these guys from the beginning has allowed Shaun to become an elite bench presser in his own.  Having never used drugs, Shaun will only compete in competitions that are affiliated with the International Powerlifting Federation as they put on the most elite and competitive drug free competitions. Since his first competition in 2005, Shaun has lifted in 18 bench only competitions and has finished 1st in all but 4 with his best equipped meet lift at 600lbs. I am positive that with the gains Shaun is currently making; Shaun will add nothing but value and integrity to Iron Authority.


Career Accomplishments: 

  • Current NAPF 125kg Bench Only record holder
  • Current USAPL Illinois State SHW Bench Only record holder
  • 12 State meet first place finishes
  • 2 International Powerlifting Federation Gold Medals
  • Member of Gold winning Team USA: 2010 NAPF/FESUPO-British Virgin Islands
  • 2011 USAPL Bench Press Nationals 3rd place finish



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