Sick and Lifting

Sick and Lifting

Nov 8, 2012

Monday after benching big I started getting sick fairly rapidly.  I wonder if the heavy training depresses my immune system.

Sore throat, nasal drainage, coughing, lack of sleep, teeth aching, etc.  Not a good recipe for a powerlifter, so I laid low on tuesday and wednesday.  Resumed training on Thursday…here is how it went.

Close Grip Bench
365 x5 @7
385 x5 @7
405 x5 @7.5

Wide Grip Bench
365 x8 @7
395 x10 @8 (GOOD)

Lats x4x12

DB Military Press 65s x3x12


Still not feeling the greatest, but at least I got some sleep.  The NAPF Bench Press Championships are next weekend.  As long as I am healthy by then, I should be OK.  Wish me luck.

Between now and then, I’ll train only on Sunday and Wednesday a little to keep from getting rusty.  Never understood why people take the last week completely off.  You can’t get stronger from doing nothing.  If you could, everyone would be extremely strong.


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