Six and One

Six and One

Mar 16, 2013

Nope – not a new strength method.  Actually, the number of weeks before my next two meets.  First one is coming up next week.

Worked my butt off to get a multi-ply Metal Ace shirt to touch.  It wasn’t a lack of strength – it was apparently my body shape.  So, one week out from the Illinois State APF/AAPF Bench and Powerlifting Meet I switched back to the now extremely loose Viking Bencher that I put away the first few weeks in January.  After last night, at least I learned that I will be able to open with my original finish in the Viking, which should land both the APF and AAPF state records in my weight and age… at least if I don’t keep floating above into SHW!

Six weeks out is the AAPF Nationals which will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I am not going after records there, just qualification for the AWPC Worlds which will be held in late August.

The real challenge here is the 5 weeks out!  Not a lot of time for preparation so using the state meet as a test to see where I am.  Keeping the weights down with openers of 585lb squat, 420lb bench, and 460lb deadlift (LOOSE Viking briefs only, couldn’t find equipment that would work).  Basically, a good training session while I am waiting on my custom Overkill equipment.

The challenge during all of this is that all of my professional technical papers and presentations (I usually do a dozen or more technical talks at conferences per year) seem to be all due NOW!  So, work consists of walking the factory floor, travel, and writing, my evenings and weekends consist of writing, and when I take breaks it’s usually for training.  Phew!  The downside is my butt and hip flexors are killing me!  At least I’m enjoying all of it!

Of course, it also means that watching my weight, which naturally wants to return to my glory days of the blueberry shape.  My shoulders are too wide to look like a pear!

April 2011 (1)

Above – In full form Blueberry (OK, just not ripe yet) – April, 2011 and closing in on 400lbs


Above – November, 2012 – WPC Worlds at 302lbs

At least getting in out of gear counts as cardio…. Doesn’t it?


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  1. I was thinking that the Chicago Bears picked you up as a Defensive End! You are getting svelte!

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