Some More Arnold Training

Some More Arnold Training

Jan 23, 2014

So Training has been not exactly how I wanted it to go for the Arnold as of lately. Lots of stress on the body that is really screwing me up. The nerves in my arms and back are acting up because of it. I will do my best to perform but don’t know what I will be able to do come meet day if this keeps up. Pretty bummed out.


1) 535×3


3)595×1 good enough for the day. Nerves started to really go nuts.  Did some Leg press after this and AB work then called it. Hopefully I start to improve again after next week.




3)385×3  Nerve pain was INSANE! The Good news is RVB Bench felt great. I even Paused them for 2 sec. Just shy of tying a PR plus the Pause. After this I “tried” to push/pull the Prowler in the snow and should have been recorded because I looked like Rocky in Rocky 4 when he was pulling the sled with Pauly on it. Stopped that after about 5 min before I turned into a snotsicle.


Did 6 sets of speed pulls with quad mini bands 1 min rest and loose belt and 2 sets without bands

6×1  275+qmb then 365×1 nb 405×1 nb. After this I did some Rows, pull ups and abs.

Overall I’m pretty disappointed in this weeks training especially with squat but I will get better. I do not know where I will place at the Arnold but I do know that I will not stop improving  and this is the year that I start my rise to the top.



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  1. Armand /

    Jack, whenever you “perform”, it’s NEVER a “performance”! I’ve always seen you outdo yourself, no matter WHAT THE OBSTACLE! I know you are your own worst critic. It’s what makes you the Champion you are! Go Brother!

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