Sore and LOVING it

Sore and LOVING it

Dec 8, 2013

Six workouts. Funky split. Great week!!

Monday: Back, Chest, and Tris. Everything was a superset with the following exercise (if there is a semi-colon in the middle!).  Wide Grip Chin Ups: 6×10 with 90lbs assist; Seated Cable Row: 3×12 at 50lbs, 3×12 at 55lbs.  Reverse Flye Machine: 5×12 at 30lbs; One Arm Row: 2×10 at 25lbs, 3×10 at 20lbs.  Flat Bench Flyes: 3×15 at 15lbs; Dips: 3xfailure.  Chest Press Machine: 1×12 at 70lbs, 2×12 at 80lbs; Chest Flye Machine: 3×12 at 40lbs.

Tuesday: Legs. Same superset typing rules apply 😀  Horizontal Leg Press: 1×8 at 220lbs, 1×8 at 240lbs, 3×8 at 260lbs; Romanian Deadlifts: 5×8 at 95lbs.  Barbell Walking Lunges: 4×24 (12 each leg) at 38lbs; Swiss Ball Leg Curls: 4×12.  Front Squats (with heels raised): 3×10 at 65lbs; Barbell Hip Thrusts: 3×12 at 65lbs.  Standing Calf Raises: 3×12 at 38lbs; Seated Calf Raises: 3×20 at 160lbs.  The deadlifts were taken lightly because I haven’t done them in 2 months.  My legs were sore, but my forearms hurt SO bad!!!  Time to work grip strength, I guess!

Wednesday: Shoulder, Bis, Tris – see I told you this week was funkySide Lateral Raises: 4×10 at 10lbs; Military Press: 1×10 at 20lbs, 3×10 at 25lbs.  Cable Rear Delt Row: 1×10 at 20lbs, 1×10 at 25lbs, 1×10 at 30lbs, 1×10 at 35lbs; Lever Shoulder Press (hang on to something and lean!): 1×10 at 10lbs, 3×10 at 15lbs.  Bicep Burl: 4×10 at 15lbs; Tricep Kickback: 4×10 at 5lbs.  Straight Bar Cable Curls: 1×10 at 12.5lbs, 3×10 at 15lbs; Bench Dips: 4×10.  Preacher Curls: 2×10 at 10lbs, 2×10 at 12lbs; Skullcrushers: 4×10 at 38lbs.

Thursday: Chest and BackFlat Bench Chest Press: 1×8 at 20lbs, 4×8 at 25lbs; Narrow Grip Chin Ups: 5×8 with 90lbs assist.  Incline Chest Press: 1×10 at 20lbs, 3×10 at 25lbs; Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 1×10 at 60lbs, 3×10 at 70lbs.  Seated Row Machine: 3×10 at 70lbs; Incline Flyes: 3×12 at 20lbs; Rear Delt Cable Flyes: 3×12 at 40lbs.  That last one was a triset, if you didn’t catch that!

Friday: LegsFront Foot Elevated Split Squat: 5×18 at 15lbs (holding dumbbells!); Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts: 2×6 each leg at 20lbs, 3×6 at 25lbs.  These burn in the ass.. real bad.. serious burn and serious soreness the next day!  Vertical Leg Press, Wide Stance: 1×10 at 90lbs, 1×10 at 140lbs, 2×10 at 180lbs.  Barbell Step Up: 3×12 at 95lbs; Partner Supermans/Hyperextensions: 3×10.  The partner superman things – Christie held my feet and I lifted up just like a superman but really focused on squeezing the butt cheeks!  Finished out with Leg Extensions: 1×50 at 20lbs.

Saturday: Shoulder, Bis, TrisI apparently really felt like working on my triceps this week.. Hehe.  EZ Bar Curls: 1×8 at 33lbs, 3×8 at 38lbs; Incline French Press (Incline Bench Skullcrushers – these were new! Never done them before but loved them!): 1×8 at 33lbs, 3×8 at 38lbs.  Incline Alternating Curls: reps were 6 reps, 1 rep with 5 second twist, 4 more reps at 15lbs; Straight Bar Pushdown: 1×20 at 20lbs, 1×20 at 22.5lbs, 2×20 at 50lbs.  Bench Dips: 4xfailure, Preacher Curls: 4xfailure at 15lbs.  Barbell Military Press: 4×12 at 38lbs; Upright Row: 1×12 at 38lbs, 3×12 at 33lbs.  Lateral Raises: 3×12 at 10lbs.  Ab Wheels: 40.

Overall, a great week.  Weird split and I have no idea why I did triceps so much – just lost track, I guess!  Everything felt good and fresh.  Soreness was ok and recovery wasn’t as quick as I like – but I still got to lift my split without any trouble from continuing soreness.  I hoping to get some more BCAAs here soon so I can get back on the quick recovery wagon.  They are amazing if you can afford them, but they are definitely a luxury supplement.  I’ll be doing a video on what supplements I take, so more on that later!


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