Squat and Deadlift Cycle and Patellar Tendon Rehab

Squat and Deadlift Cycle and Patellar Tendon Rehab

Dec 24, 2014

HowardPenrose Squat

^^Christmas Squats 12/21/2014

After about 18 months the doctor finally cleared the knee/left patellar tendon.  The decision had been made to continue working on recovery versus additional surgery – the result?  Extra work required to get back to where I was and beyond due to changes or loss of what I was capable of doing (bench) and a continued limit on squat and deadlift.  In effect, the choice that I made allowed my return to full power quicker.

With the comeback meet planned to be Relentless Minnesota during the last weekend in March, 2015, I needed to start my training cycle to increase knee/leg strength and stability.  Up to this point, the focus has been box squats and deadlifts, as well as accessories, at very light weights – basically, limiting myself to 300lbs give or take.  The addition of adding weight to my lifts, as well as increasing reps, resulted in increased knee stability and the tendon beginning to shorten (the goal) which it did to the tune of more than 3 mm in three months.

Due to other obligations, including assisting and video-taping the APF/AAPF Holly Jolly powerlifting competition and the following weekend’s APF/AAPF Illinois Raw Power Challenge, the ability to ‘cut loose’ was limited until this past weekend.

^^ My squat training from December 21, 2014

In order to reduce overall stress on the tendon I used box squats to just above parallel except for the weights over 300lbs, which I adjusted to about 1-2inches high.  The objective, at this stage, is getting used to the weight again and brining it up slowly.  Warmups for reps no more than 5 through 2-plates (245lbs with squat bar and collars) then briefs and sets from 5 to singles limited to 425lbs.  This would be a 90lb post-injury PR.  I will limit myself to PRs of 50-90lbs per week while increasing reps to a maximum of 5 in the earlier weights as a ladder until I approach a training weight that heads me to my Relentless MN goal.

The biggest challenge has been deadlifts.  There is a range in the left leg that my strength drops.  I have been working this area with squats and accessories.  I did also switch back to sumo and, as with squats, I have been doing anything over a couple of plates with very loose briefs.

^^Deadlifts Warm-Ups Christmas Eve 2014

The objective, in the case of deadlifts, is to work up to a point of failure, increase the bar height by ~1 inch, then complete a single rep of that weight.  Then switch over to heavy banded pulls in order to hit the knee at different angles.  Again, reps kept low for training the CNS.  Once goals are accomplished in January, a 3-week 5×5 program will be implemented and full gear will be used.

^^The point of failure – lost drive with left leg

At the point of failure, ~1 inch of matts were placed under each set of weights.

^^Attempt after failure

Banded work is used at this point.

^^Three sets of two banded deadlifts

One area that I have to get past is that I end up on the balls of my feet during the heavier or intensive lifts.  I believe that this is just my being a little tentative.

The goal by the first week in January is to be working deadlifts over 500lbs.  475 lb and above squat attempts will include knee wraps.


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