May 2, 2013

So before I knew about this meet I was just training for Raw Nats. I plumped up to 231 and was training at or just below this weight and was loving it. I then saw  that I was very close to having the NJ state record squat and total at 220 and contacted my good friend Matt Gary to see if he was running a meet so I could give the records a shot. I knew that I was going to have a hard time dropping weight and was going to lose strength but knew I would have enough to get at least the Squat record. Between the nerve pain in my arms, horrible knee pain, crazy ass allergies and the weight cut I did not have the day I was expecting to say the least, but Sh#t happens. so here’s how it went.

weighed in at 99kg


opener: 534 good** killed it! no problem but my energy was slipping already.

2nd: 562 good for the record. new state record. went a little forward. RPE @9 est max 592

3rd: 589 ** ran out of gas half way up. SUPER PISSED!!! no ones fault but my own.

Bench: I knew I was running on empty so I decided to give myself 2 chances at my last attempts.

opener 385 good. fast!

2nd 402 good. crazy fast off my chest then bout 2.5 board height almost lost it. grinded it out

passed on 3rd. At this point I was ready to go to sleep. My energy was almost completely gone.


opener 534 good. Almost passed out. Needless to say I was and still am very upset with myself.

2nd 556 PR good . I suck at DEADLIFT!

Passed on 3rd

In closing  I learned some stuff that I need to fix. If you don’t learn anything from your bad meets then your are never going to get better. I saw some friends that I dont see unless its at a meet and made some new ones. Everyone did great and besides my poor lifting I had a great time.  If this meet did one thing for me it’s that I am ready to redeem myself.

I want to thank MATT and Sioux-z for giving me a platform to go for the record. Thanks to the spotters that saved my ass.  thanks to Kirk Karwoski for the help and the pointers.












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  1. Armand /

    Great job, Jack! Congrats on the squat record! You’re right about learning from each meet. You’re made for success!

  2. Debra /

    As usual, and under crazy circumstances, you did a great job! Keep being hard on yourself! It def works for you! So proud of you and congrats on the NJ Squat Record!

  3. Great job Jack. I can understand being frustrated with some results but you have to remember. If you gave it your all, on that day, then you should have no regrets. Not every day is going to be a perfect day but you proved what real determination is. You were still able to push through and set some new state records. Congratulations again and looking forward to seeing what you do at Nationals.

    • Thanks Paul. I should be proud of what I did. Your right. Not everyday is going to be perfect I just need to learn to enjoy what I do and be proud of how far I’ve come. … thanks man! We are both going to do great.

  4. What was wrong with your knees? You state knee pain.Was it from the weight loss? I know about the nerve issue.

  5. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with my knees. I am pretty sure it was the weight lose but I don’t know why it happened. That was a first for me. really weird. Has this ever happened to you?

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