Staples Out and New Barriers #RoadToRecovery

Staples Out and New Barriers #RoadToRecovery

Jun 26, 2013

It is amazing how drained you feel after having staples removed from your knee and pin cleaning of the thumb at the same time. At this point I am now working on knee flexibility and I am scheduled to have thumb stitches removed this Friday and pins removed the following week.

I have returned to work and I am allowed to drive. Things are a little challenging and energy is pretty sapped by the end of the day. At that point I still have other work and writing to complete. Basically, I am normally far more efficient than I am presently. Ugh!

I am keeping my spirits up, although on some days things drag. Some of the people who are helping me, in addition to dealing with their own problems and challenges, are showing some sign of wear – and we are not even through the first of about 3-6 months of recovery. My primary supporter will be out of the country fo 3-4 weeks in about a week and a half. Hopefully, the pins will have been removed so I can do simple things like cook and clean, let alone a proper daily shower!

Yesterday a new challenge hit. I am still required to be in a splint and walker. I live on the second floor of a condo building that has an elevator. Parking is on the ‘basement’ (first) floor. The elevator folks were there because the elevator was broken. It looks like several days having to climb three sets of stairs.

If it were not for the physical strength and endurance I have accomplised as a powerlifter, some of these obsticles may appear insurmountable. However, the ability to adjust, push past the barriers and keep a positive attitude.

A good friend of mine and drug free lifter will be competing this upcoming weekend. The event will be the and he is looking great for it! Joe Atef has been my coach and powerlifting mentor for over a year and has supported all of my meets since APF Worlds last year.

A short Joe Atef video:

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’] [/pro-player]

Joe and I have also been discussing programming for my return to powerlifting.


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