Start of new mini cycle. Started ugly…..

Start of new mini cycle. Started ugly…..

Jun 9, 2013

Ok today I started my second 4 week mini cycle and wow did it start off bad. Well last article stated “Do not start too heavy where you miss your first set reps.” Well guess what I did miss!!  Thursday I close gripped 325 for 6 and 365 for 3 so they may have had some impact but I feel I was not warmed up enough and the weight felt heavier then it did by the time I tried it again on my 5th set. I also started my floor presses for 3 sets but tris were fried.

My rep scheme on this cycle is 8,8,4,8,8. I pyramid heavy 8 then  lighter set followed by a heavy 4 and going back the way I came. This is unconventional but it works . It completely confuses the muscles. Going heavy to lighter to heaviest back down then up .

The video:

The workout:

325 for 7

275 for 8

365 for 4

275 for 8

325 for 9!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did an extra for the rep I missed on the first set.

floor press

245 for 5

295 for 5

335 for 4

Floor presses were weak and slow I moved it but have done more and faster but first week of reps with decent weight will have that impact!!

Next week I plan on 335 to start it off but I better be prepared better so I don’t start off ugly.

Till then train hard and Focus First.



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